ILTA Applauds OSHA’s Fact-based Decision to Revisit Gasoline Blending Findings

ILTA applauded the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration for its fact-based decision to revisit prior findings regarding gasoline blending at terminals in a March 24 article in BIC Magazine and on social media. In the article, ILTA President Kathryn Clay reported successful resolution of the issues addressed in her previous BIC opinion piece regarding Process Safety Management (PSM) requirements for in-line blending of butane and pentane into gasoline. 

“ILTA thanks [OSHA] for revisiting its prior findings regarding this aspect of the PSM program. The previous, inconsistent interpretation that was the subject of our guest column, would have imposed needless costs on the terminal industry—as well as on downstream customers—without providing health or safety benefits to workers during gasoline loading operations,” ILTA said in the article. “ILTA and its members strongly support the PSM program. We are committed to working with OSHA on our shared goals of ensuring the health and safety of all employees. ILTA appreciates that OSHA acted quickly to align its policy with the technical merits and the precedent set by its previous implementation of PSM requirements.”