ILTA Collecting Information for 2020 Safety Survey and Recognition Program

ILTA is once again running its annual Safety Survey and Recognition Program, designed to collect injury and illness data for terminal facilities as well as contractor incident data and facility throughput values. All participating companies will receive a comprehensive report highlighting terminal industry safety data compared against national averages. 

In addition, terminal member companies that submit the survey will be automatically considered for ILTA’s 2020 Safety Improvement Award, Safety Excellence Award, and Safety Milestone Award. Participating companies that also wish to be considered for ILTA’s prestigious Platinum Safety Award for exceptional safety performance during 2019 must also submit a completed Platinum Award application. All participants are urged to complete the Platinum Award application, even if they do not qualify, as a form of internal evaluation of your safety program.

PLEASE NOTE:  When recording your responses, ILTA asks that companies provide the finest level of granularity in their safety data, preferably by providing facility-level injury and illness data. We recognize that some companies submit their data by division or geographic region; however, aggregated data limits the ability of ILTA to include this data in the facility-level statistics.

For more information, or if you have any questions, please contact Peter Lidiak, ILTA’s Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, at