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ILTA Post Conference Training Course Offering: STI‐SPFA Field Erected Storage Tank Fundamentals Course

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In this full-day (9-hour) session, a team of experts from leading storage tank construction and engineering firms will provide an intensive learning experience on the fundamentals of storage tank siting, construction, tank Inspection, repairs and modifications. Topics will include a discussion of the factors that must be considered in deciding where to locate a tank, what containment choices are available and are best suited to different circumstances, and what geotechnical considerations affect the selection of proper foundations for tank construction projects.

The fundamentals of tank construction to be discussed include type and sizing of tanks, selecting materials of construction, carbon steel versus stainless steel considerations, and the type, so floating roofs available and appropriate for different uses.

Participants will also receive instruction on more advanced topics related to corrosion protection, replacing coatings and liners, and helpful points on developing Requests for Proposals that will lead to the best information and value for your project.


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