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ILTA Post Conference Training Course Offering: Emissions Calculations for Tanks

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In this comprehensive one and a half day (12-hour) session, participants will learn the physical features, emission standards, quantification methods, and regulatory requirements of aboveground storage tanks.

Our expert trainer from Trinity Consultants, Harold A. Laurence, will guide participants through important elements of the subject, including:

  • Description and features of aboveground storage tanks and floating roofs,
  • The latest best practices on use of cable-suspended internal floating roofs (IFRs) and other design options to minimize emissions,
  • Techniques for estimating emissions for storage tank operations, including the routine and the not-so-routine,
  • A comprehensive discussion of the primary regulatory requirements for aboveground storage tanks,
  • Important updates on the U.S. EPA’s November 2019 revisions to AP-42 Chapter 7.1, and
  • An update 10-year IFR inspections in-service and other Kb/WW issues at the state and Federal levels.

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