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ILTA Submits Letter to EPA on Gasoline Distribution Issue

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Following an October meeting with the EPA on its technology review of gasoline distribution, ILTA and its Gasoline Distribution Working Group sent a follow-up letter this month to regulators further highlighting the cost and operational impact of the expected rules. Nearly 40 individuals from ILTA Member Companies continue to participate in the ILTA Gasoline Distribution Working Group, engaging with officials at the Environmental Protection Agency who are developing a new rule addressing hazardous air pollutant emissions from storage tanks and other equipment used in the distribution of gasoline.

According to the letter, “The cost/benefit analysis provided by ILTA shows that a reduction in the limit from 35 mg/L to 10 mg/L would be highly ineffective on a basis of cost per ton of HAP reduction, as would limiting compliance demonstrations to only temperature monitoring of vapor combustion units for Subpart BBBBBB facilities."

Earlier this year, EPA indicated that it would release a proposed rule by December 2021 and a final rule by December 2022. ILTA learned in late October that EPA will be delaying publication of both the proposed rule and the final rule by six months. By opening a dialogue with officials now, ILTA and its membership hope to steer the coming rules in a productive manner by informing EPA of the practical consequences of new, overbearing regulations.

If you would like to join the Gasoline Distribution Working Group, please email Jay Cruz:


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