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Operations Council Meeting Focus on Action Items from TOPS

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The ILTA Operations Council met September 25. The first order of business was to discuss follow-up activities that the council could address on behalf of the terminal industry identified through the TOPS presentations. The council decided to undertake a summary of what appears to be a best practice for the use of dual valves on VRU supply lines, a survey of H2S protection practices for truck drivers across the industry,  and gather quality personnel from multiple member companies to discuss maintenance of product quality, especially related to microbial control.

The council also decided to seek a panel on pump failures and mitigation practices for next year’s TOPS as pump failures continue to be a major cause of releases. During the meeting, the council also heard a presentation on the failure of a low emission coupling, due to a faulty manufacturing process.

A working group of the council reviewed a working copy of the draft terminal operations management system framework that is nearing completion. This document can help those member companies interested in implementing or improving their existing systems. Once vetted and revise, this document will be circulated to the membership for review.

Some projects have not moved forward during this past year, in large part due to the pandemic, but remain on the council’s agenda for future action. These projects include working with the National Tank Truck Carriers on a low-cost, high-safety return tank truck pressure switch and driver training, terminal operator training, and work with the Fuels Institute’s Diesel Fuel Quality Council.


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