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ILTA, Industry Coalition Thwart Effort to Insert PFAS Amendment in Defense Bill

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ILTA, working with a broad industry coalition, successfully beat back an effort by some in Congress to insert an amendment into the National Defense Authorization Act that would treat per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances as a class with predetermined outcomes that would have circumvented the regulatory process. The coalition successfully argued that PFAS chemicals, including those used in effective firefighting foams, should be considered individually and any regulation be based on the weight of the scientific evidence as it relates to potential health effects and environmental protection of each chemical. 

As part of our efforts, ILTA joined the Chamber of Commerce and other trade associations in letters to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees asking that it “…avoid attempts to circumvent existing, well-established regulatory processes and predetermine outcomes related to cleanup of PFAS contaminated sites. ILTA continues to support the ongoing EPA process to evaluate sites, establish appropriate regulatory standards supported by sound science, and facilitate expeditious cleanups.” The groups also sent a July 20 letter urging individual members of the House of Representatives to block PFAS amendments from the National Defense Authorization Act. 

EPA is currently considering additional PFAS regulation, and ILTA and the coalition are working to ensure a fair process. 


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