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Port of Corpus Christi To Permian Oil Producers: "We'll Be Ready."
Forbes, Aug. 13, 2019
When completed, the Port of Corpus Christi will have the deepest port channel in the U.S. "We are not 'leaning on the rake,'" said port CEO Sean Strawbridge, emphasizing the project to deepen and widen the channel is only part of the overall port expansion.

Exclusive: Texas Storage Operator Jumps into Race to Produce Low-sulfur Marine Fuels
CompuServe News, Aug. 27, 2019
Texas International Terminals announced last week its intention to launch its own crude processing facility at a Galveston, TX site, with a goal of producing 50,000 barrels per day of low-sulfur fuels.

Port of Beaumont to Dredge, Add Docks
The Waterways Journal Weekly, Aug. 19, 2019
In a move to expand capacity, the Port of Beaumont, TX has applied for a permit to build a new marine terminal, including dredging the Neches River to an initial depth of 42 below the mean water line to facilitate a new berthing area and turning basin.

Energy Transfer in Talks to Develop Supertanker-ready Crude Oil Export Terminal, Aug.8, 2019
Dallas-based Energy Transfer announced early last month their intention to build a crude oil export terminal south of Houston capable of servicing the new lines of supertankers and their 2 million barrel capacities.

Plains Gives Up Steel Tariff Surcharge for Cactus II Pipeline
Seeking Alpha, Aug. 26, 2019
In response to pushback from Permian producers ConocoPhillips and Encana, Plains All American Pipeline announced last week its rescinding its decision to charge Permian oil shippers a $0.05 bbl tariff for oil transferred on its Cactus II pipeline.

EPIC Announces Initial Crude Delivery into Corpus Christi, TX, and Provides Updates on Crude Pipeline Project and Export Docks
Valdosta Daily Times, Aug. 19, 2019
With a capacity of up to 400,000 barrels per day, EPIC Crude Holdings announced in mid-August that interim service on its 24" Y-grade pipeline had begun, delivering crude to terminals and refineries in Corpus Christi and Ingleside, TX.

Saddlehorn Pipeline to Further Expand Following Increased Volume Commitments
WBOC, Aug. 29, 2019
On the heels of a successful open season in July, Saddlehorn Pipeline Company, LLC announced last week their intention to increase capacity by 100,000 barrels per day (bpd) taking the total capacity of its Saddlehorn pipeline to 290,000 bpd by late 2020.

Plains Says Its Midland Crude Terminal Trades Should Be Kept in Key Price Assessment
Fidelity, Aug. 28, 2019
Plains All American Pipeline, Inc. President Harry Pefanis, in response to a proposal by Argus Media to ed change the current pricing methodology, said last week that trades at its Midland crude terminal should be included in the key pricing index to "accurately capture the market price for Midland in each grade."

ADNOC Acquires Stake in VTTI, Owner of Storage Terminals in 14 Countries World-wide with 60 Million Barrels of Capacity
WebWire, Aug. 7, 2019
In a move to secure storage capacity in key export markets, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) has acquired a 10% equity stake in VTTI and its chain of storage terminals across 14 countries in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Shrinking U.S. Crude Discount Threatens Exports
Fidelity, Aug. 20, 2019
Two new pipelines moving Permian Basic crude to the Gulf of Mexico region has pushed the price of West Texas Intermediate closer to the price of Brent crude oil -- easing a pricing disparity in place since July, 2018.

Trump Admin to Meet to Discuss Biofuels Fallout
Worley, Aug. 22, 2019
Trump administration officials met last month to discuss a growing backlash to recent biofuel policy moves by the Administration, including the revocation of waivers to oil refineries regarding mandated use of renewable fuels.

Canada's Trans Mountain Restarts Work on Contentious Pipeline Expansion
Reuters, Aug. 21, 2019
After a year of setbacks, Trans Mountain pipeline has been approved to re-start construction on its pipeline moving crude from Alberta's oil sands to the British Columbia coast, despite continuing outcry from indigenous and environmental groups.

EPA Appoints Dennis Deziel as Region 1 Administrator
EPA, Aug. 22, 2019
The Environmental Protection Agency, last month announced the appointment of Dennis Deziel of Maryland as regional administrator for Region 1. Deziel will oversee environmental protection efforts throughout New England and 10 Tribal Nations.

Higher Ground – with New Pipeline Capacity, Permian Oil and Gas Prices Ascend the Basis Cliff
RBN Energy, Sept. 2, 2019
New pipeline capacity for Permian natural gas and crude could mean an end to the price differentials that have plagued both products these past 18 months, largely due to a flood of supply and dearth of capacity to move product.

Cushing Oil Hub Is Still Growing
OK Energy Today, Sept. 2, 2019
Tracking oil inventories and the rapid growth at the Cushing, OK terminal, industry analysts predict that by year-end 2020, more oil will be shipped out of the facility than is currently being shipped in.

Energy Transfer Seeks Five-year Extension for LNG Export Terminal
Seeking Alpha, Aug. 30, 2019
Energy Transfer is seeking a five-year extension to build its proposed Lake Charles LNG export terminal, citing complex international negotiations as reason for the extension. Energy Transfer has already spent $300M on the project, with another $150M earmarked before FID.

American Farm Groups Press Trump for Earlier Ethanol Boost
San Antonio Express-News, Aug. 29, 2019
Amid a growing backlash resulting from waivers to a biofuel-blending mandate granted to some oil refineries, American agricultural groups are pushing President Donald Trump to quickly increase quotes for grain-based biofuels.

US Coast Guard, Department of Homeland Security Officials Provide Updates on Critical MTSA, CFATS Issues
BulkTransporter, Aug. 28, 2019
New updates on the Marine Transportation Security Act (MTSA) and the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS) released during ILTA's 39th Annual International Operating Conference cover a host of issues including seafarer's access and new guidelines for risk-based inspections. 

Port Aransas Sets Moratorium on Harbor Island Terminal Project. So, What's Next?
Caller Times, Aug. 30, 2019
The Port Aransas City Council has set a 60-day moratorium on industrial building projects, effectively halting construction of a multi-billion dollar oil terminal by the Port of Corpus Christi at Harbor Island.


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