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The Impact of Globalization on International Education: Spring 2014 Issue of IIENetworker

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The spring 2014 IIENetworker magazine, titled "The Impact of Globalization on International Education," is now available as a free interactive flipbook.

Global education, as we understand it today, would be unthinkable without the many forces of globalization—economic, political, social, and cultural. These forces have transformed internationalization in academia from an endeavor centered primarily on sending students abroad to a rich network of multiple institutional activities that can define a college or university’s entire identity. Yet, theories of globalization have been decidedly absent in discussions of international education—and vice versa. This issue of the IIENetworker initiates this discussion by bringing together a variety of scholarship and practical analysis to explore the impact of globalization on the design, implementation, and practice of global education.

This IIENetworker edition benefited from the insight of two guest editors, Jeffrey Peck, Vice Provost for Global Strategies and Dean of the Weissman School of Arts and Sciences at Baruch College CUNY, and Stephen Hanson, Vice Provost for International Affairs at William & Mary. In their introduction, the editors make important distinctions between the terms "globalization" and "internationalization" in relation to higher education. Other theoretical frameworks on this topic include Jenny Lee’s application of three metaphors—acquisitions, mergers, and synergy—to explore common institutional approaches to internationalization. Articles also discuss the broader policy implications of globalization and global education. John Hearn and George Kacenga each address what Hearn calls the "inconvenient truths" of rapid internationalization, both arguing that, on the frontier of international education, universities must continue explore new themes, best practices, and definitions of success.

IIENetwork member designees will receive a print copy in the mail. Print copies are also available for purchase at www.iiebooks.org/iienmag.html. Past issues of IIENetworker are available in our digital edition archives: www.naylornetwork.com/iie-nxt/index.asp.

By Jeffrey M. Peck, CUNY, and Stephen E. Hanson, William & Mary

By Jenny J. Lee, University of Arizona

By Elspeth Jones, Leeds Metropolitan University, and Hans de Wit, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

By Angela Shaeffer and Katja Kurz, Cultural Vistas

By Xiangming Chen, Trinity College

By George Kacenga, University of Colorado Denver

By John Hearn, University of Sydney Medical School

By Jason A. Scorza, Fairleigh Dickinson University

By Clare Banks, Institute of International Education


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