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Source: Sun Sentinel

Working at Rising Tide Car Wash in Parkland gives Michael Schwartz, 24, of Coral Springs, the chance to earn some money and support himself. Schwartz, who has autism, is one of about 35 employees working at the car wash, whose primary mission is to employ adults with autism.

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Source: The Murfreesboro Post

Tennessee's Sudsy's Car Wash has embarked on a local campaign called "Flood Texas with Love," with the goal of raising at least $10,000 to be used toward the Hurricane Harvey disaster relief effort.

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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.

Source: San Angelo Live

The new red metal roof visible on the corner of Knickerbocker Rd. and Parkview Dr. in San Angelo, Texas, is a new car wash. According to the City of San Angelo’s website, a permit was issued in April for construction of the $1.5 million Champion Xpress Car Wash.  

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Source: Forbes

True leadership is hard. While some people think that being at the top or holding some sort of management position is what defines leadership, the real leaders know that inspiring people is a challenge.

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Source: Forbes

You may not realize it, but you probably participate in multiple Leadership peer groups exist at nearly every level of an organization, and you may be participating in one without even realizing it. 

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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Ascentium Capital , LLC
Source: Small Business Trends

A lot goes into building a marketing plan for your small business, and your fellow members of the small business community can lend some helpful insights. Here are some tips you can use to market your small business more effectively.

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Source: Inc.
Virtual reality experts share their thoughts on how marketing will evolve in the next decade as a result of rapid-fire technology innovations, particularly in the largely untapped VR space.

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