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Nobody knows the industry quite like you. That's why we need your help!

People loved the Wash Talks at last year's Splash!, so we're bringing them back for an encore performance. But, we need your ideas to present 15-minute Wash Talks on the most interesting topics facing the industry right now. 

Our call for topics will close on Aug. 11 and the most popular (based on your votes) will be chosen as our slate of Wash Talks.

What are you waiting for?

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Industry News
Source: The Washington Post
The robot are coming! And they are going to take all our jobs! That’s not the message of last Friday’s employment update from the Labor Department, which showed that the market for labor is still encouragingly brisk eight years into a moderate but steady economic recovery. Rather, it is a summary of an emerging conventional wisdom about the future of work, which holds that advances in technology, especially artificial intelligence, will soon enable "brilliant" machines to replace every sort of worker from car-wash attendant to appellate lawyer.

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Source: Fox Business

(video) Cargo CEO Jeff Cripe on how the company is turning ride share vehicles into vending machines on the go.

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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.

The new Tidal Wave Auto Spa in Rocky Mount, N.C., is now open for business. The car wash located at 1615 Benvenue Road next to the Cobb Corners shopping center was doing a free car wash trial last week to gauge customer interest in Tidal Wave Auto Spa and help start the building of a customer base. It is the first location for the car wash company in North Carolina.

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Source: Bloomberg

When analysts at Morgan Stanley were trying to handicap the driverless car race, their thoughts kept turning to chicken wings. And the Disney film "Frozen." And beer. Strange? Actually, it makes a certain kind of sense. The analysts concluded that it’s a fool’s errand to try to call at this point which tech outfits or automakers are on the road to building the best, most profitable autonomous models. Better to focus on the activities — and the companies selling them.

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Commercial Plus, LLC

Source: Entrepreneur

(video) In this episode of Leaders Create Leaders, Entrepreneur Network partner Gerard Adams sits down with Peter Yobo, an author and motivator, who talks about how hard work and visualization helped him craft his three-step process of achieving goals.

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Source: Inc.

Why do some people you know at work consistently get things done, while others never seem to finish anything? It's certainly not all about intelligence, skills, and training. In a new book, What Motivates Getting Things Done, clinical psychologist Mary C. Lamia explores the different motivations that drive people to pursue excellence.

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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Ascentium Capital , LLC

Every business has its ups and downs.  And there are countless ways to economize, strategize and even take out a loan in a pinch.  But you know if you put company expenses on a credit card then you’re simply deferring the pain. Borrowing money because your business isn’t profitable just isn’t workable long-term. You need new revenue!

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Source: Smart Hustle
As a customer, I've had quite a few customer service interactions that quickly went south. Most often, the agent simply could not make that connection with me, and the exchange pretty much ended with displeasure.  This situation isn't uncommon. But what appears to us as ineptitude is, in most cases, a deeper malaise; a lack of context awareness. If customer service teams had all the context they needed at each stage, they would've certainly turned the proverbial frown upside-down.

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Chia Ma Car Wash System
Goff's Enterprises
Supplier News
Source: PR Newswire

DRB Systems, of Green, Ohio, is proud to announce that it has been included in Northeast Ohio's Top 150 Workplaces. Cleveland's Plain Dealer newspaper teamed with Workplace Dynamics, an employee research and consulting firm, to determine the area's best workplaces based on employee surveys. Founded in 1984, DRB Systems is a business solutions company that provides technology and marketing support to enhance the consumer's experience and operational efficiency of a car wash.  

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