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Based on member and industry research performed in 2015 to determine ways International Carwash Association can best serve the industry, ICA has launched several new networking, learning and social events for car wash professionals in 2016.

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A.V.W. Equipment Co., Inc.
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After 14 years, Quick Quack Car Wash is finally opening a new location in Amarillo, the city where the very first Quick Quack was built. To celebrate, Quick Quack is giving away free car washes for 10 days and includes free vacuums and a new hand towel dry service. The new location is the fourth Amarillo location for the car wash chain and the twentieth location overall. 

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Beebe Healthcare

Andrea and Tony Senturk, owners of Long Neck Car Wash, recently donated $1,098 to the Beebe Medical Foundation from a fundraiser where they focused on raising awareness for the "Day Away Retreat" program at Beebe Healthcare’s Tunnell Cancer Center.

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A master technician at Olson Tire & Auto Service, Inc. in Wausau has some recommendations to keep your car healthy through the long, winter months to prevent common problems.

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The Greater New Milford Spectrum

Local entrepreneur Kevin Awalt has turned more than a decade of experience detailing cars and a true passion for the trade into a successful business. Awalt, who has been detailing cars since he was a teenager, opened Arkham Shine Paint Correction and Detailing last year. 

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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.
PDQ Manufacturing


Success and productivity don't just appear overnight. To help make them happen, here are some crucial strategies to adopt from the very beginning.

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Harvard Business Review

We rarely grow alone. In fact, some psychologists have made a compelling case that we only grow in connection with others. However, we don’t need to learn with others in formal training or development programs: we can architect our own opportunities to gain insight, knowledge, and skills that move us on an upward trajectory.

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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.

The Huffington Post

When executed properly content exists in a fully integrated, planned and positioned way such that it is both relevant and contextual to its audience, your customers, clients or potential leads. It gives your company a voice and reinforces the ways in which you chose to do business.

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If you’ve noticed a drop in participation or followers, now is the time to reflect on how you are using social media platforms. Are you bombarding your audience with advertisements and products or services you are hoping to sell? Instead, focus on engaging your audience; asking them for their opinions, comments, and ideas on how you could make things better for them. 

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Supplier News
Kleen-Rite Corp announced the latest innovation of spray nozzles and the way to save more money. Rising water and sewer bills are at all-time highs, and car wash owners need to learn how to take action.  With the water bill being the biggest component in the car wash industry, the smallest component can be one of the greatest influences on the amount of water that is used. We welcome the spray nozzle.

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