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Here's wishing you a prosperous 2016! 

We know we're looking forward to another amazing year, full of announcements and new work for the Association, along with continued enhancements for our existing products and programs.

Thanks again for all your support in 2015 and for your continued support in 2016.

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Industry News
7 Flags Car Wash is very excited about the opening of our new Express Car Wash in Citrus Heights. The new 7 Flags Sunrise Express Car Wash is located at 7711 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights CA, just off Antelope Drive.  

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Sacramento Business Journal

A retail building near Cal Expo would be demolished to make way for a new car wash under an application with the city of Sacramento. The building would be razed for a new 3,586-square-foot car wash center, under the Quick Quack Car Wash name.

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The Orange County Register

GreenStreet Mission Viejo is expected to open in the fall of 2016 at the southeast corner of Avery and Marguerite parkways. The city has approved plans for the car wash development, which will include a shopping experience for auto spa customers with a King Shabu Shabu restaurant, a Seville Classics home store and service stores.

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Sandusky Register

A new business in Sandusky can keep a car looking showroom worthy. Manny Jeffries bought the business in August after being a customer at the car wash for years. Jeffries brought in a new crew and told them his high expectations of work standards and professionalism.

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Motor Trend

In the evolving world of autonomous vehicles, many things will change. You’ll gain "the luxury of time," to borrow Volvo’s catchphrase, and you’ll hopefully be less stressed by your commute. Even though autonomous driving will alter the car experience, it can’t change everything. Here are five things that won't change in the autonomous age, plus five things autonomous cars will do for you.

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Zep Vehicle Care, Inc.

The Washington Post

In a category crowded with formulaic promises, bad writing and warmed-over common sense, it's hard to know which books on the business book shelf are worth a look. To help you fill those new year's resolutions to lead smarter, work faster and get ahead on the job, we scanned publishers' lists, poured over book catalogs and asked a few top leadership thinkers about the books they're looking forward to reading in 2016.

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Las Cruces Sun-News

It's been nearly a year since a minimum wage hike took effect in Las Cruces, New Mexico. It's getting mixed reviews. The ordinance has been a flashpoint in the community since 2014, a year that featured multiple — and conflicting — versions of minimum wage hike proposals being considered and passed by city councilors. 

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Warsaw Chemical Company, Inc.
Business 2 Community

Here are a few marketing trends that will be hot in 2016, along with a few ideas for how you can use these trends for your business.

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Every year, more and more features are added to digital advertising platforms, and to stay in the game, you need to stay up to date on each. Here we’ve listed three of the latest paid ad features and tips for maximizing your use of them to drive results.

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Supplier News
Tidal Wave Auto Spa, an innovator in the car wash industry, located in Peachtree City, Georgia, sold DRB Systems' 4 millionth FastPass® RFID Tag. Tidal Wave owner, Scott Blackstock, attributes more than 20 percent of his customer growth to the monthly pass program.
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