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December 19, 2012

New technology designed to help operators in the face of growing water bills

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Water bills are rising in cities all over the U.S. Average bills have increased by 20 percent or more and will likely continue increasing for years to come. In Chicago, rates have increased 30 percent this year and are expected to increase another 30 to 45 percent in coming years.

Effective water use reduction strategies are often difficult to find, but one new technology is making bills go down without expensive equipment upgrades or restrictive usage policies.

The H2 Minus O valve is designed to reduced billed water usage by reducing turbulent flow and compressing gases trapped in lines that can artificially increase bills. The manufacturer will guarantee a 10 percent reduction in billed water for facilities with a psi of 50 or above. However, users of the valve are claiming they have seen their bills drop by 20 percent or more.

The device is designed to reduce the effect that air trapped in water lines can have on the meter. As meters are volumetric, they register any material flowing through pipes as water — even air. Studies have shown a distinct connection between water pressure and turbulent flow. The greater the turbulent flow, the more air is found in the pipes. The H2 minus O valve is designed to be installed on the facilities plumbing system, creating a back pressure that then compresses gas molecules so that the meter only reads actual water being used.

Sherman Car Wash in California has experienced savings greater than 30 percent since installing the device a year ago. In a study on the use of the valve at Brighton Car Wash in Naperville, IL, savings consistently exceeded 22 percent. No reduction in pressure or performance was noticeable, and after 5 months in operation, the results continue to impress.

Baseline Gallons Per Car: 29.95  Post-Install Gallons Per Car: 23.26
Savings: 22.5 percent

For more information on the H2 minus O valve, contact Charles Genoar, Affinity Partner at Greenworks Energy Solutions at 630-248-4207 or

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