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Our Honorary Life Member Award Winner in 2018 is Sylvain Seguin of CHL. He first trained as a fixed-wing pilot in 1979 in North Bay. He completed his helicopter commercial license with Nipissing Helicopters in 1980, where he began his first job in the industry flying for Luc Pilon at the same company. In 1983 he completed his instructor’s license and started work for Lakeland as an instructor and in exploration, drill projects and fires.

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Pour 2018, notre prix du membre honoraire à vie est décerné à Sylvain Séguin de CHL.  Il a reçu sa formation de pilote d’aéronefs à voilure fixe en 1979 à North Bay, et a ensuite reçu sa licence de pilote d’hélicoptères avec Nipissing Helicopters en 1980 où, la même année, il a obtenu son premier emploi dans l’industrie, pilotant pour Luc Pilon. En 1983, il a obtenu sa licence d’instructeur et a été embauché par Lakeland comme instructeur et pilote dans les domaines de l’exploration et de la lutte contre les incendies.

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Recently, Transport Canada announced its new Director Generals. Nicholas Robinson has been named the new Director General, while Francois Collins has been named the new Associate Director General. The division of responsibility between the two positions has not yet been fully articulated.

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Transports Canada a récemment annoncé la nomination de nouveaux directeurs au ministère. Nicholas Robinson a été nommé directeur général, tandis que François Collins a été promu au poste de directeur général adjoint. La répartition des fonctions entre les deux postes n’a pas encore été précisée.

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News From The Web
Source: AOPA

Two helicopter pilots are inspiring change by breaking records and flying around the world. They're making pitstops and encouraging people to live productive and healthy lives with presentations at different institutions.

Visit https://www.aopa.org/news-and-media/all-news/2018/november/07/helicopter-pilots-circle-globe-to-send-a-message to view the full article online.

Source: Airbus Helicopters Press Release
Airbus Helicopters Canada has honoured Niagara Helicopters as the recipient of the 2018 Innovation in Safety Award. Niagara Helicopters has had a continuous focus on improving safety throughout its 50 years in operation, including being one of the first operators in Canada to voluntarily implement Safety Management Systems (SMS).

Visit https://www.airbushelicopters.ca/niagara-helicopters-announced-as-recipient-of-airbus-helicopters-canadas-2018-innovation-in-safety-award/ to view the full article online.

Source: Shephard Media

Bell Helicopter and Electric Power Systems (EPS) are teaming up to develop energy storage systems for Bell’s vertical take-off and landing aircraft ODM solutions.

Visit https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/rotorhub/bell-eps-collaborate-energy-storage-systems/ to view the full article online.

Source: Helicopters Magazine

EuroTec Canada showed off its sales and service of MicroVib II vibration analysis products at the 2018 Helicopter Association of Canada conference earlier this month in Vancouver, B.C.

Visit https://www.helicoptersmagazine.com/news/eurotec-hac-7804 to view the full article online.

Source: Vancouver Sun

The 443 Maritime Helicopter Squadron is preparing and training for January when it deploys the Cyclone helicopter, the first of the new Sikorsky helicopters to fly from a Canadian navy warship on the West Coast.

Visit https://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/new-cyclone-helicopter-on-first-west-coast-mission to view the full article online.

Source: Shephard Media

Enstrom Helicopter's F-28/280/480 series has received type certification from the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand, allowing the company to update to the latest certification on current operating aircraft. It also approves Enstrom’s turbine-powered 480B to be flown in New Zealand.

Visit https://www.shephardmedia.com/news/rotorhub/enstrom-f-28f-280fx-480b-helicopters-receive-type-/ to view the full article online.

Source: ThomasNet.com

Meet the ZA10, Zunum Aero's hybrid-electric aircraft. While still in the early stages (it still needs a power source for flights up to 700 miles to be commercially viable), recent developments mean its coming closer to becoming a reality. The aircraft features slender wings and two rear-mounted ducted fans.

Visit https://news.thomasnet.com/featured/like-a-tesla-but-with-a-helicopter-engine-and-wings to view the full article online.

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