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One of the interesting things about visiting with a lot of operators is seeing how they all use different means to achieve the same objective. Most operators use a “Tasking Sheet” - or some variant - to describe to crews, the type of work that is to be carried out.

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Ce qui est intéressant quand on visite plusieurs exploitants c’est de constater qu’ils emploient tous des manières différentes pour atteindre les mêmes objectifs. La plupart des exploitants utilisent une feuille d’attribution de tâches, ou une variante de celle-ci, pour décrire aux équipages le type de travail qui doit être accompli.

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Under NAFTA’s terms, American Specialty Air Service Operators may conduct operations in Canada. If you have any reason to believe that an American operator is conducting operations in Canada without NAFTA authorization, or in an aircraft that is not certified in Canada, please contact HAC without delay.

En vertu de l’ALENA, les exploitants américains de services aériens spécialisés peuvent offrir leurs services au Canada. Si toutefois vous avez des raisons de croire qu’un exploitant américain opère au Canada sans autorisation en vertu de l’ALENA ou qu’un aéronef n’est pas certifié au Canada, veuillez communiquer avec l’ACH sans tarder.

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HAC, in collaboration with HELICOPTERS Magazine, is in the process of producing an HAC Membership Directory which will be an addition to the HAC 2018 Vancouver Conference Show Guide.

In order to provide an accurate and all-inclusive document which will be of assistance to HAC and to its membership, we require your participation.

As part of the HAC 2018 Vancouver Conference Show Guide, this Directory will be distributed to HAC current membership, conference attendees, industry contacts, prospective users of helicopter services, and at HAI and other industry related forums. The document will also help prospective members understand the value of an HAC membership, and explain to users why they should be hiring HAC Operator-Members and Associates. 

A representative from HELICOPTERS Magazine will be contacting each HAC member company to see if you wish to place advertising in either or both publications.

L’ACH, en collaboration avec la revue HELICOPTERS, a entrepris de produire un répertoire de ses membres qui sera distribué avec le guide du salon 2018 de l’ACH à Vancouver.

Pour nous permettre de préparer un répertoire précis et complet qui sera utile aussi bien à l’ACH qu’à ses membres, nous avons besoin de votre participation.

Ce répertoire sera distribué avec le guide du salon 2018 de l’ACH à Vancouver aux membres de l’association, aux participants au salon, aux contacts de l’industrie, à des utilisateurs potentiels de services de transport par hélicoptère, ainsi qu’à l’occasion de forums de la HAI et d’autres événements de l’industrie. Ce document aidera aussi les membres éventuels à comprendre la valeur de l’adhésion à l’ACH et expliquera aux utilisateurs de services d’hélicoptère pourquoi ils devraient engager des membres et des associés de l’ACH. 

Un représentant de la revue HELICOPTERS communiquera avec chaque entreprise membre de l’ACH pour leur demander s’ils désirent placer une publicité dans l’une ou l’autre ou les deux publications.

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This year HAC is using an accommodation program. HAC is taking steps to reduce risk for our attendees to ensure you are only using valid links when booking your accommodation for the conference by engaging a new platform called RESIADA. 

Cette année, l’ACH utilise un service d’hébergement et prend des mesures pour s’assurer que nos participants utilisent des liens valides pour réserver leurs chambres d’hôtel pour le congrès. Ce service s’appelle RESIADA. 

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Source: AIN Online
Airbus Helicopters is eyeing initial flight demonstrations of its H135 twin for this fall in Pensacola, Florida, as the company steps up its push for the U.S. Navy’s helicopter training replacement program. In May the company announced plans to offer the H135 for the replacement program, displaying a demonstrator aircraft in Navy trainer markings during 2018 Naval Helicopter Association Symposium in Norfolk, Virginia.

Source: CBC
Three days of celebrations began Wednesday to mark 12 Wing Shearwater's 100th anniversary.
Along with the historic theme, Maj. Bill Thomey, president of the organizing committee, says he hopes the events will encourage more local engagement with the airfield, a landmark on the eastern shore of Halifax harbour.

Source: Pique
The Whistler Municipal Heliport has, for months, been at the centre of a fractious dispute between its governing body and a local helicopter company that has recently spilled into B.C.'s Supreme Court.

Source: Herald Opinions
Sea King CH-12401 looked no worse for wear after all these years, painted as it was in the same Royal Canadian Navy scheme that it sported when it was the first Sea King acquired by the Canadian Armed Forces on Aug. 1, 1963.

Source: Thrillst Entertainment
Before working on Mission: Impossible - Fallout, Tom Cruise and his stunt coordinator, Wade Eastwood, were thinking about going to fly helicopters in New Zealand just for fun. But when you're Cruise, downtime is hard to come by, so they came up with a better idea: They'd write a chopper set piece into the sixth installment of the long-running franchise.

Source: Tahawultech.com
Dubai HeliShow 2018 is set to host two exclusive conferences ‘Helicopter Technology and Operations Conference’ and ‘Military and Homeland Security Conference’- during its seventh edition, which will run from 6th to 8th November in Dubai.

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