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As we look to reopening our Chapter, we are making sure to do our part to keeping everyone safe with a continued focus on best practices for safety.

Keep checking the AGC Houston website for a continuously updated list of resources and materials. 


Now more than ever, as our state and city begin to slowly re-open for business, it is imperative that we adhere to the safety protocols that have been put in place.


Each of us need to do our part to KEEP SAFETY VIRAL. 


View  Governor Abbott's updated "Open Texas" checklist.

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Message from the President/CEO
“Nobody told me there’d be days like these…”


That line, from a 1984 John Lennon song, has been rolling around in my head ever since the “stay at home” order first came to Harris County. Now, with the governor announcing Phase Two of reopening the state, I am hopeful that these “days” will soon be gone, and my brain will find a new tune to perseverate on.


After nearly two months of “lockdown” it was exciting to hear Governor Abbott unveil his plans for moving forward. That excitement, however, is somewhat tempered by what the region could face if we all do not take the required precautions seriously, and personally. As many in our community want and/or need to return to work, it is more important than ever that businesses shine in their ability  to provide a safe and healthy worksite for their workforce, as well as those who patronize their business.


We are now closing in on two months since commercial construction was deemed “essential.” To this point, there is no way to aptly thank the folks in our industry on how they addressed and attacked a situation that heretofore had not been seen. From the conception, to the installation and through the execution of the “recommended practices,” the commitment by everyone at all levels has been outstanding.


The balancing act in keeping everyone safe and healthy, while affording the opportunity to provide for their families, has been especially gratifying.


So, thank you to everyone on the great job of managing the uncertainties of an uncertain time. “Keeping Safety Viral” will remain our mantra as we continue through the unprecedented days ahead. Or, as Mr. Lennon so aptly called them… “Strange days indeed, most peculiar, mama.

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State Tax Advisors - Taxes Made EASY!
State Tax Advisors
Whether you are a general commercial contractor or a multistate industrial specialty contractor, State Tax Advisors promises to provide the best quality assurance and tax services.  Because each construction project has it's own challenges, our experienced tax consultants are able to assist you with the itricate requirements for federal and state tax regulations.
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Specially For Craft Workers!

The AGC Education and Research Foundation offer Workforce Development Scholarships to individuals enrolled in accredited technical schools or craft training programs in any discipline of commercial construction. 

Interested individuals have until June 1, 2020 to apply for $1,000 scholarships (renewal for up to two years) from the AGC Education and Research Foundation.

To review the complete list of criteria click here. Students can apply here.

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Andrews Myers, PC
The Occupational Safety And Health Administration's dedicated resource page provides information for workers and employers about the evolving coronavirus pandemic.

Check out the resources.

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AGC News
The Treasury Department’s new Paycheck Protection Program directive gives many construction contractors additional guidance that AGC has been seeking. It provides the clarity that many need to decide how to proceed with their loans. Most important, the Department has opted to provide a safe harbor provision for firms that self-certified their need for loans that totaled less than $2 million.


In addition, the new guidance provides a mechanism to allow firms that received loans of $2 million or more and are later found to have not met the Department’s need-standard to repay, seemingly without penalty, those loans.

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AGC of America launched a nationwide program on May 13, 2020, designed to help expand the diversity of the industry by making job sites more inclusive. Called Culture of CARE (commit, attract, retain and empower), it is designed to help firms create more welcoming workplace environments for staff, particularly those from diverse demographic backgrounds.  
“We are asking companies to take bold and visible steps toward creating a more diverse, safe, welcoming and inclusive construction industry,” said Stephen E. Sandherr, AGC's Chief Executive Officer. 


In addition to the new program, the association has already released its Business Case for Diversity & Inclusion in the Construction Industry, which provides the economic, safety and productivity rationale for expanding construction diversity. 


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Mustang Cat
Membership Benefits
Joslin Construction
Cadence McShane Construction Company LLC
AGC Houston recently compiled a recommended practices document for jobsites in English and in Spanish. As we continue to monitor the situation, it will update it as needed. Be sure to check the AGC Houston COVID-19 Resources page frequently. 

What best practices are working for you? Let us know! Please send your commentsand photos to

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OSHA 3394 - English: 10 Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus


OSHA 3395 - Spanish: 10 Medidas que Todos los Lugares de Trabajo Pueden Tomar para Prevenir la Exposición al Coronavirus


AGC of America's National COVID-19 Safety Stand Down Resources (includes tool box talks, job site posters, and more.)


COVID-19 Recommended Practices for Construction Jobsite


The Department of Labor video quick tips on social distancing, disinfecting workplaces and industry risk factors to keep workers safe from COVID-19.

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In order to keep sites running smoothly, contractors must ensure that employees’ anxieties about jobsite cleanliness and social distancing are addressed. Constant worry about exposure to COVID-19, family pressures and the 24-hour news cycle are distractions that can lead to injury.

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News you can Use
Parts of the country are cautiously opening up after pandemic lockdowns, but a second wave of the coronavirus is possible in coming months. Kim Slowey explores how construction companies can prepare for that possibility with safety protocols, job site technology, remote work, and legal, insurance and financial protection.

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Coronavirus lockdowns caused prices of softwood lumber to decline 21.1% in April compared with March, cutting an annual gain of 26.8% in March to 2% last month, according to IHS Markit. However, prices of ready-mixed concrete increased 3.4% year over year in April, while prices of concrete pipe increased 7.9%.

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A bipartisan group of senators has proposed a bill that would allow tax deductions for certain costs covered by Paycheck Protection Program loans. Without the change, payroll costs and mortgage interest paid with forgiven loans will not be deductible for first- and second-quarter estimated taxes in July.

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Cities in Harris County, Texas, must adhere to the county's flood plain standards to access $2.5 billion in flood-bond money. The goal is to have more consistent rules so a city doesn't build in a way that increases flooding danger in another city.


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According to the latest statistics, the Southwest (Gulfton, Westwood and Braeburn) community was identified as one of 10 areas in Harris County with the lowest Census participation.  An entire week of census outreach activities were dedicated to this area just last week. 

Spread the word to your employees that they respond to the Census. We all benefit from billions of dollars in federal funding. All responses are confidential, and by law, cannot be shared with federal law enforcement agencies like the FBI, ICE or even the local police.


Respond today at so you can be counted, regardless of your place of origin or immigration status. Census forms are available in multiple languages.

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