Jacob White Challenges Men During "No Shave November" and Raises Funds for Needy Family

Several men at Jacob White took on the challenge of ‘No Shave November’. While some "looked a little rugged after 30 days," according to Katie Mickler of Jacob White. The firm pledged a $500 donation per participant, which would go toward a chosen charity.  
The team team raised more than $7,000, which went toward purchasing furniture and much-needed items for a family of five.  
On Dec. 9, Christmas came early for a single mother raising her children in the Spring Branch school district. Jacob White provided beds, dressers, a kitchen table, chairs and a living room set , along with all kitchen and bathroom essentials. They were also given $300 in gift cards to help them this holiday season. The firm also helped another family in need by providing more than $450-worth of supplies, clothes, toys and gift cards.
The fundraise also inspired two of Jacob White's specialty contractors to help: McDonald Electrics paid the family's outstanding electric bill and J&S Mechanicalpaid the rent for January.