Linbeck Group, LLC’s David Stueckler Named Chair of AGC OF America Building Division; Celebrates 80th Anniversary

Congratulations to Linbeck Group, LLC’s David Stueckler, President and CEO, on being named AGC of America Chair for the Building Division. This is the second recent member of the Linbeck Group, LLC leadership team to hold a position on the AGC of America Board of Directors. Chuck Greco, President & CEO of Linbeck Group, LLC served as AGC of America Chairman in 2015 and led the Lean Construction Forum from 209-2011.


In February, the company celebrated its 80thanniversary, hosting a company-wide celebration at a meeting in Sugar Land. Congratulations to everyone at Linbeck Group, LLC on reaching this incredible milestone! The company, formed by Leo Linbeck, Sr., has been a member of AGC Houston since 1941!