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Domesticating a subpoena is a common hurdle in the state court litigation process. While an action may be generally local -- with counsel and parties all situated within the court's jurisdiction -- that does not by any means guarantee that every person or entity relevant to discovery will also be local. And, of course, lawsuits are filed all the time in one jurisdiction against a defendant residing in another jurisdiction, pursuant to state long-arm statutes. A state's subpoena powers do not extend beyond the state's borders, so counsel must domesticate a subpoena to reach any relevant third parties residing outside of the state.

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The Georgia Trial Lawyers Association is pleased to announce that Governor Nathan Deal has been named the recipient of the 2015 Champion of Justice Award. This award, which is given at the direction of the GTLA President, recognizes an individual's tireless and often historic work to advance the cause of justice in Georgia.

"On behalf of the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association's 2,000 members across the state, I'd like to congratulate Governor Nathan Deal on his receipt of this well-deserved honor," remarked GTLA President Darren Penn. "Since taking office in 2011, Governor Deal has exhibited a unique understanding of the vital role that the justice system plays in our society. As a lawyer, a former judge and a proud father of a judge, he brings a perspective to the Governor's Office that has guided him through many tough decisions affecting our state's legal system."

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