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Thank you to all of you who made this year's flip flop workshop the best ever! The education sessions were informative and entertaining, and the parties were incredible! We appreciate all of the Dads cutting a rug out on the dance floor with their kids on Friday night, and I hope you were able to stop by the heystac photobooth. Good times were had by all! Visit the GTLA Facebook page for more pictures from the parties!  

SAVE THE DATE next year for Aug. 1 - 3, 2013. We'll be back at the Hilton Sandestin for some fun in the Gulf! You can register online at and book your room reservations with the Hilton at any time. Keep in mind that the hotel has sold out for the past three years!

We want to see everyone back for the photo booth next year!


Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that this is an election year...not only on the national level but also on the state legislative level. Thanks to a number of GTLA members who have given so much to make a difference on behalf of your clients, your practices and your fellow members of GTLA, our efforts in the Primary Elections of July 31 went very well. GTLA members contributed through the Civil Justice PAC and through Directed Giving to candidates in 34 competitive House primary races. In those races, trial lawyer-supported candidates won 23 races; trial lawyer-supported candidates lost 9 races (.719 batting average); and 2 trial lawyer-supported candidates made it into primary run-offs (more on those important run-offs below). 

GTLA members also contributed through the Civil Justice PAC and through Directed Giving to candidates in 14 competitive Senate primary races. In those races, trial lawyer-supported candidates won 9 races; trial lawyer-supported candidates lost only 3 races (.750 batting average); and 2 trial lawyer-supported candidates made it into primary run-offs.

While we are disappointed with the losses, it is noteworthy that some of our contributions to losing candidates were made in response to requests by legislative leaders who, despite the outcome of those races, are very grateful for our assistance to their candidates. So, even in those losses, GTLA members’ contributions earned invaluable political gratitude from those who run the Legislature.

The importance of this political engagement by our members cannot be overstated this year. The Georgia Chamber of Commerce is making a concerted effort this summer to drum up support for more legislative intrusion into your clients’ rights. In fact, we have not seen this extensive of an effort by the state chamber since their 3-year assault on the Civil Justice System that culminated with the passage of SB3 in 2005. By the time you read this, the Chamber will have disseminated to hundreds of candidates a candidates’ survey on ‘civil justice reform’ measures; they will have conducted a government affairs conference for members and legislators which included a discussion entitled "Laying the Foundation for More Tort Reform in 2013"; and, they will have conducted a well-publicized "Civil Justice Reform Forum" where they will have discussed legislative and legal trends across the country designed to enhance businesses’ (i.e., defendants’) ability to deny your clients their day in court and their recovery of justice.

So, political engagement is essential to the preservation of the Civil Justice System. I recently heard a member decline to make a political contribution and explained that, in his view, what goes on in the Legislature has "no bearing on [his] law practice." With all due respect, I am not sure I could come up with a more poorly informed assessment. Your law practices and, more importantly, the rights of your clients, literally hang in the balance when the Legislature is in session. With a single vote, they can take away virtually every litigation weapon at your disposal. And, if they concoct the right constitutional amendment that the public will support, there is no telling how much havoc the Legislature could wreak on your clients’ rights and on your law practices. Our members’ political engagement in 2012 is the only bulwark against that possibility in 2013. So, please do your part today. Join the PAC, give through Directed Giving, and go meet with your legislators now so that they will listen to what you have to say in January under the Gold Dome.

A final election note: Next week, on Aug. 21, GTLA members Ronnie Mabra (D-Fayetteville) and Mike Miller (R-Douglasville) will compete in two of the run-offs referenced above. If you have never contributed to a political candidate, these two fellow Trial Lawyers should be your first recipients of financial help. They are offering to make an incredible sacrifice to their practices, to their families and to their incomes and they are immersed in very difficult run-off races. I respectfully submit that they have already earned your support and I would ask that you contribute to their exhaustive efforts to get elected so that they can fight for you, for your clients and for your practices when they come under attack next January. You can help Mike by contributing online at and you can help Ronnie by contributing online at

Thank you to those of you who have dug deep and contributed what you could to our collective effort to preserve the Civil Justice System in Georgia.

Newly elected GTLA President Jay Sadd began his Grassroots Tour across Georgia at the Aug. 15 luncheon of the Columbus TLA at the River Club in downtown. On Aug. 16, President Sadd will be participating in the kick-off of the newly created Rockdale, Newton, & Walton County TLA with Georgia Bar President Robin Frazer Clark at Las Flores Ole Town Tex Mex in downtown Conyers. The Grassroots Tour continues into Carrollton on Aug. 22, where President Sadd will be welcomed by the West Georgia TLA as their lunchtime guest speaker; and then to Savannah for the 4th Annual TLA social at the Bonna Bella Yacht Club on Aug. 28.  

If you would like to schedule Jay Sadd for a visit to your local TLA, please contact your GTLA Grassroots Director Micah Gravley.

Visit the GTLA website for event details.

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To ensure that you will be able to represent the clients of tomorrow, please support Civil Justice PAC, Inc. today. To make a contribution, visit or mail a check made payable to "Civil Justice PAC" to:

Civil Justice PAC, Inc. of GTLA
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Contact Dawn Lasusky Painter
Thank You to Our Newest GTLA Champion Members!
John Bey, Ned Flynn & Janna Martin

Welcome to Our New GTLA Members!
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