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GTLA is a marvelous outlet for contributing to the greater good, both as a lawyer and as a good citizen. Through our organization and in our everyday practice of law, we have a chance to make a positive difference for all Georgians. No other organization or membership is more relevant to our daily lives than GTLA. While many of us are devoted to our families and place of worship, in terms of time spent, nothing competes with the devotion we have here on earth to the practice of law and to protecting the rights of our clients. It is perfectly compatible with our beliefs to oppose industries and lobbyists when they devalue human life by "capping" it. When industries and lobbyists try to "reform" tort law and civil justice only because it will make them more profitable, we must stand tall together to fight for true justice. GTLA is our outlet to do this, and it is our responsibility to engage.

This legislative session we will again face a myriad of challenges. There will be an effort to cap damages in all cases; to limit insurers' responsibility to fairly address claims; and to dramatically reduce the rights of injured Georgians under our workers' compensation system. Together, we can become politically active by contributing to the Civil Justice PAC. The PAC allows us to contribute to legislators broadly. However, the PAC is limited to $2,500 per contribution. For this reason, GTLA has established a Directed Giving program so that we can contribute more significantly to legislators who understand and can advocate for a fair judicial system in the face of ever present lobbying by those who oppose basic democratic freedoms. Thank you to many who have committed so much to these efforts. To those who have yet to fully engage, think more about what you stand for everyday in your law practice and life, and sincerely reconsider your level of commitment to your clients and the public as a whole. It is here with your fellow members at GTLA where you can really make a difference. Embrace the opportunity with open arms and all your might.

It is our responsibility to use GTLA as the vehicle for the greater good that it truly is. Your organization is in place, it is now time for all of us to work together to make sure that justice prevails, not just for our own clients with whom we shake hands to protect, but for all citizens in our state. Please donít wait for others to do what we all have an obligation to accomplish together. GTLA needs everybody, everywhere, all the time to fulfill our duty to keep the courthouse open for all.


Jay Sadd
GTLA President

Mayfield Medical-Legal Nurse Consulting, LLC

The 2012 TPM is being updated in anticipation of the use of the new Federal Rules of Evidence in the State and Superior Courts beginning January 1, 2013.
Topics Include:

Program Chair: Chris Clark, Clark & Smith Law Firm, LLC, Macon

  • Frequently Used Statutes – Brandon Peak, Butler, Wooten & Fryhofer, LLP, Columbus
  • Pre-Trial Organization – Jarome Gautreaux, Gautreaux & Adams, LLC, Macon
  • Pre-Trial Evidence Points – Traci Courville, Oates & Courville, Columbus
  • Procedural Points – Brent Kaplan, Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, Atlanta; William Stanhope, Robbins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi, Atlanta & Hilary Wayne, Isenberg & Hewitt, PC, Atlanta
  • Voir Dire & Conduct of Judge & Jury – Tommy Malone & Adam Malone, Malone Law Office, Atlanta
  • Opening Statements – Roy Barnes, Barnes Law Group, Marietta
  • Use of Evidence at Trial – Robin Clark, Robin Frazer Clark, PC, Atlanta
  • Witnesses – Jay Cook & Chris Irwin, Cook, Noell, Tolley & Bates LLP, Athens
  • Closing Arguments – Phil Henry, Henry Spiegel Milling LLP, Atlanta
  • The Court Charge – Charles Cork, Attorney at Law, Macon
  • Verdict, Judgment and Post Trial Activities – Ken Canfield, Doffermyre, Shields, Canfield & Knowles, LLC, Atlanta & Geoff Pope, Pope & Howard, Atlanta
  • Conduct of Counsel – Frank Beltran, The Beltran Firm, Atlanta
Credit: 6 Hours, including 2 Trial, 1 Ethics & 1 Professionalism

Videoconferencing available – Savannah and Tifton State Bar Offices
New Grassroots Initiative

GTLA has a new opportunity for you to engage at the "grassroots" level with select candidates running for State House and Senate seats. Due to the unwavering commitment of our members across the state, we have been able to make a tremendous financial impact in a myriad of State House and Senate races important to protecting the Civil Justice System. This level of legislative participation will always play a significant role in our outreach efforts, and we greatly appreciate our members who have the ability to provide financial resources to our PAC and Directed Giving programs.

However, we are always looking for ways to expand our efforts. Being involved with our legislative outreach efforts does not have to be limited to financial contributions. GTLA wants to make sure that every member of the association has an opportunity to engage legislatively at a level they are comfortable with and can afford. We are confident this new grassroots initiative will be an opportunity to provide a more hands-on approach and to strengthen our rapport with candidates and legislators who have reached out to us for assistance. If we are successful with this new approach, we will be the first organization to provide this type of assistance to our friends in the legislature and gain the advantage in electing civil justice friendly candidates.

The Plan

"Operation Canvas" is designed to provide hands-on assistance to our friends in the legislature and to civil justice candidates running in newly-created or open State House and Senate seats. GTLA members will have an opportunity to directly and personally assist each legislator and/or candidate running for office or re-election.

How You Can Help:
•            Walking door-to-door and meeting voters with the legislator/candidate
•            Phone banking to prospective voters from targeted lists
•            Delivering yard signs and campaign literature to identified supporters/voters
•            Preparing envelopes and other mailings at the campaign headquarters

With the primary elections happening on July 31, we have decided to narrow our focus to one State House race in Cobb County for an initial test run of the initiative. This will allow us to maximize our efforts and determine the effectiveness of the initiative for further consideration before going statewide with the plan. We encourage all of you, if you are available and willing to participate in this initiative, to do so.

We are working with GTLA member Natalie Woodward, who is running the campaign to elect Justin O'Dell to State House District 41 in Marietta. Justin is the law partner of GTLA member Jay Nohr and working hard to win his primary election. Natalie has planned a neighborhood door-to-door walking effort this Sunday, July 22, welcoming any GTLA member who is available and willing to come out and help Justin secure votes. This does not need to be your House district for you to participate and to be of great assistance to our candidate. All you need is a willingness to advocate for the election of an ally of the Civil Justice System.

Date:  Sunday, July 22
Time:  4:00 p.m. meet up - neighborhood walking 5:00-8:00 p.m.
Location:  Milford Chase Subdivision in Marietta linked HERE
Contact:  Natalie Woodward at 404-625-4913 or by email at
Insurance Specialists, Inc
The Civil Justice PAC Welcome Reception will be held 6:00 p.m. Thursday on the Bullhead Deck (weather permitting). We'd like to thank our generous sponsors:

Collision Specialists, Inc. & Forge Consulting

To ensure that you will be able to represent the clients of tomorrow, please support Civil Justice PAC, Inc. today. To make a contribution, visit or mail a check made payable to "Civil Justice PAC" to:

Civil Justice PAC, Inc. of GTLA
101 Marietta Street
Suite 3350
Atlanta, GA 30303

Contact Dawn Lasusky Painter
Welcome to Our Newest GTLA Members!

Thomas Beisswenger, Francis E. Hallman, Daniel Hamilton, Richard Hamilton, Sara Schramm, Luis Raul Scott, Jr., Michael Todd Smith and Richard A. Wingate.
Mark Your Calendar for These 2013 Events!!! Details Coming Soon ...

Feb. 15 Essential Torts Workshop * Mercer Law School * Macon
March 2-6 Ski-LE * Park Hyatt Beaver Creek * Vail, CO
May 16-17 Annual Convention * Loews Midtown Hotel * Atlanta
Aug. 1-3 Auto Torts Workshop * Hilton Sandestin * Destin, FL

For a complete list of upcoming events, please visit the GTLA website at We hope to see you soon!
The New Lawyers Division hosted special guests Fulton County State Court Judge Wes Tailor and DeKalb County State Court Judge Dax Lopez for lunch on July 18 at the State Bar. The judges spoke very frankly about what they expect in their respective courtrooms, gave us insights into better preparation for trials and answered a ton of questions at the end. All in all, it was a very successful event and we are looking forward to the next one on Sept. 11. Look for details coming soon and we hope you'll join us!

GTLA NLD Co-Chairs Chase Swanson and Laura Reis
with Judges Dax Lopez and Wes Tailor
Thank you to all of our exhibitors and sponsors for this year's workshop! 

Atlanta Engineering Services, Inc.
CaseMetrix, LLC
Civil Justice PAC, Inc. of GTLA
Collision Specialists, Inc.
Empire Settlement Funding
Fast Funds, Inc.
Forge Consulting
MED ART & Legal Graphics Co.
ML Healthcare
NFP Structured Settlements/Sarah Patno
Oasis Legal Finance
Peachtree Pre-Settlement Funding
Reliance Health
The Injury Specialists and Capital Financing
Vocational Economics, Inc.

Civil Justice PAC Welcome Reception
Collision Specialists, Inc.
Forge Consulting

Poolside Dinner Party
Forge Consulting
Team Murphey of Miles Mediation

New Lawyers Division Pool Party
Collision Specialists, Inc.
Empire Settlement Funding

Childers, Schlueter & Smith, LLC
Fried Rogers Goldberg LLC
Harris Penn Lowry DelCampo LLP
Langdale Vallotton, LLP
Pope & Howard, PC
Slappey & Sadd, LLC

Lauren Goodhart
Jon R. Hawk
Florida Institute for Neurologic Rehabilitation, Inc.
Empire Settlement Funding
National Legal Research Group
Fast Funds, Inc.

Founded in 1956, the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association (GTLA) is dedicated to strengthening and upholding Georgiaís civil justice system and protecting the rights of Georgia citizens and consumers.

GTLA works in the legislative, political and media arenas to ensure that Georgians know and understand the importance of their rights to justice and to make certain that these rights, which are at the very core of what it means to be American, are safeguarded and protected.

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