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Join GTLA President Mike Prieto for the third stop on 
the 2017 Justice Tour Sept. 28 in Athens!
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Legislative News
Last week, members of your GTLA Executive Committee traveled to Washington D.C. to meet with members of Congress on issues important to your clients and the Civil Justice System. Over the course of two days, the group met with 15 offices of Georgia's 16 member delegation, and 10 of those meetings were with the member themselves. It was an incredibly successful event, and we look forward to continuing to build these relationships with our friends in Wasington!
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Welcome New Members

Welcome New GTLA Members!

Edidiong Aaron, Donna Abbott, Korey Albury, John Alday, Colin Barron, Sarah Beck, Jarrod Burch, Susan Burke, Gregory Chancy, Kerri Daly, Miguel Domniguez, Onyema Farrey, Ashley Gholamhosseini, Krystal Haynes, Clark Holloway, Edita Kadiric, Laurie Kopas, Leah Luckie, Alex Martinez, David McGee, John Mrosek, Holly Portier, Margaret Randels, Dawn Rentz, Evan Rosenberg, Keri Roth, Seth Sabbath, Richard Sanders, Jeffrey Snell, Donald Stack, Susan Stetler, Meredith Watts, and Diana Young

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