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CAE-Accredited Webinars from HighRoad U

For many organizations, digital marketing is a new undertaking. Associations are looking for how to best staff their organizations, craft campaigns and measure programs in the digital age. HighRoad U was created to help all associations evolve fully into digital (and help corporate marketers new to the association world understand what's different). 

The HighRoad U library stores all on-demand webinars and hosts live webinars every Friday at 3 p.m. EDT.

Blogs and Podcasts Around the Web

Read Questioning the Orthodox Beliefs of Association Governing, by Jeff de Cagna, FRSA FASAE, from the Spring issue of connections magazine, then listen to an interview with him from GSAE President Wendy Kavanagh, CAE. Listen to the podcast here!  

Engaging Your Members Upon Login: 5 Must-Haves for the Member Landing Page – What makes an engaging member landing page? What elements do you need? To find out the top five tips, check out the latest post from the MemberClicks blog!
The Beacon Podcast, courtesy of our friends at Lighthouse Counsel, has numerous archived podcasts related to nonprofit management.
Leading Learning is the podcast for leaders and aspiring leaders in the business of continuing education, professional development, and lifelong learning. You may subscribe to their podcast or view a list of those already published here

Extraordinary CEO has a great library of blog posts aimed at "taking chief executive officer leadership to the next level."  Additional articles, podcasts and blogs are available on Doug Eadie’s website.