KSU Students Offer Pro Bono Communication Audit

Kennesaw State University student consultants in their junior year are looking for a company interested in participating in an organizational communication audit (pro bono) as part of their graduation requirement for a degree in Communication. A communication assessment maps and measures the value and effectiveness of communication both within an organization and to key external stakeholders. 
The overall approach for an assessment involves the following steps:
  1. Analyze existing communications vehicles.
  2. Facilitate employee and management focus groups and interviews.
  3. Coordinate a communications survey.
  4. Develop a needs-based communications plan.
Each step of the assessment will be customized to the client. Some of the benefits of conducting such an assessment include: Strategic Planning Benefit, Verification Benefit, Feedback Benefit and Benchmark Benefit. 
If your company is interested in participating in a communication assessment please contact Betty Carter at btaylo60@students.kennesaw.edu.
Please note that in order to qualify, your company must have a minimum of 15 employees and be active for at least 5 years.