Learn More About How We Use Metrics

Building a culture of data driven decision-making is an end goal for many associations. Making it a reality is not the easiest of propositions. There are many obstacles standing in the way, starting with getting agreement on the data to be collected and ending with how the newfound business intelligence is disseminated and acted upon.

You are invited to participate in a benchmarking study, organized by a group of Philadelphia based association executives that has been designed to strengthen our collective knowledge of how organizations gather, and utilize performance metrics. The study hopes to generate insight on the data we actually collect, how we gather it, ways we utilize it, and more.

Click here to take the short survey.

Results of the study, including individual case studies, will be shared in a white paper that will be distributed freely throughout the association management community.  Results specific to GSAE will also be readily made available.

To learn more about this research effort or if you have any difficulties with the survey itself, please contact Todd Von Deak or Joe Sapp.