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January 2015  

Renew Your Membership to Engage and Connect with GSAE in 2015!

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GSAE is committed to building a sense of community within the association management profession and among our corporate supplier members. We strive to provide you with the relevant information, professional development opportunities, and access to resources you need to be better at your job.

(Editorial note:  One of our newest tools is a fancy new website and AMS system. This is both a yikes and a yay moment for GSAE staff. It’s got a lot of bells and whistles to help us build community and provide resources, but we are still learning the ins and outs - and the tips and tricks and work arounds- to manage it most effectively.  We promise we won’t panic if you won’t when we tell you . . . it’s time to renew your GSAE dues.)

STEPS to Renew Online for the Curious and Adventurous
1.  Click the following link to login to your profile: http://www.gsae.org/login.aspx.  (Or cut and paste it into your preferred browser).
Your login credentials:
Your username remains unchanged (if you can't remember, email us)
Default Password – gsae123 (unless you have logged in and changed it since November 25, 2014)
2.  The profile screen will offer options to update your record and to verify your profile settings and contact info (Click on profile at the top of the page)
  • Take a moment to upload your current headshot (the online community will launch in January!).
3.  Click on the Renew Your Membership Now link in the center of your screen.
4.  The 2015 dues amount will appear at the top of the next screen. The billing address info will auto fill with your work address if you click the button above billing information.
5.  Scroll down to the radio button next to Payment Type and select either credit card to pay now or the bill me option to send a check.
6.  Success! Print your receipt or invoice screen as needed.

STEPS if You Just Want to Pay Your Dues Online Right Now
1.  Pay amount based on your membership type:
  • Association Exec 1 - $195; Association Exec 2-3 - $150; Association Exec 4 plus - $125
  • Corporate 1 - $300; Corporate 2 plus - $250
  • Affiliate - $83
  • Retired - $32.50
2.    Link to pay the appropriate amount: https://payments.affinipay.com/bpl/cyd0530103

If you’d like one invoice to renew multiple members from your office or if you’d like to add additional staff for 2015, please email Wendy

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