Winter 2016
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The digital edition of the Winter 2016 issue of GSAE connections is now available online. Inside we’ll look at Georgia Poultry Federation's avian flu communications campaign titled "All In or All Gone," as well as how your association can implement a successful communications plan in 2016. Click here to start reading the issue now!

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Georgia Poultry Federation Goes All In with Avian Flu Communications
The Federation's "All In or All Gone" communications campaign alerted poultry growers to the dangers of avian flu to their flocks and provided ongoing reminders of the biosecurity measures required to prevent its spread to their farms.

Take AIM with Your Communications in 2016
Results of Naylor Association Solutions' 2015 Association Communications Benchmarking Report suggest that while associations are making great strides in their fight for member engagement, they still struggle with content relevancy, communication integration and using data advantageously to learn more about their members.

Promoting and Leveraging Your Meeting Content
Tight budgets and growing competition are prompting everyone, but associations in particular, to squeeze extra value out of their conferences.

Why Every Leader Needs a Magic Wand and Glass Slippers
Leading is not always easy. In fact, many association leaders would say leading is anything but. Rewarding and a welcome challenge on most days, yes, but not easy.

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