Spring 2014

In the latest issue of GSAE connections magazine we discussed the ways associations can make sure they're effectively and efficiently communicating with their members. Don't miss out on all the great information in the Spring 2014 issue of connections, available online. 
Working on revamping your association's communications program? GSAE member association SAIS uses a mix of face-to-face meetings, online interactions and printed material to reach their members. No matter what platform SAIS chooses to use, though, they remain focused on providing members the kind of communications they want.

Making Conference Connections
Helping your attendees connect and get more out of their networking can help you build an event that is both valuable to members and profitable for your association.How intentional are you about facilitating the connections your members want?

Associations can benefit from taking a more data-driven approach to marketing, especially creative development. A data-driven approach has the potential to strengthen both our marketing campaigns and our engagement with key communities. For organizations seeking a greater focus on data, your marketing lead is the key in making the shift. 

Also, don't forget to check out the latest episode of GSAEtv, available anytime, online.
On Average, 10,000 Baby Boomers retire every day, and by next year the majority of the workforce will be in their 20s. Is your association ready for this generational shift? In the episode "Associations Embrace the Generational Shift" we look at ways associations can make sure they're keeping members of all three generations in the workplace engaged.


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