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With over 700 manufacturing companies in the Rockford region, a new program hopes to use the existing local resources to help digitize American manufacturing, or the idea of having the data flowing through machines throughout the entire manufacturing process, increasing efficiency.

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If dirty smokestacks and dark dingy work spaces are the images you connect with manufacturing, it’s time to change your perception.

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Monday marked the grand opening of a machining facility that is training students now and will create jobs in the future.

Madison High School's Advanced Manufacturing Program built a facility and filled it with equipment a few months ago after seven companies, including Advanced Superabrasives and Golden LEAF Foundation, joined together with donations.

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ASTM International has launched a campaign that strengthens its commitment to serve as the global leader in smart-manufacturing standards. This effort builds on the fact that approximately 5,300 experts and 1,500 organizations from 65 countries are already involved in creating ASTM standards that support additive manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, industrial biotechnology, nanotechnology, automation technology and other fields.

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AGMA will host the Fall Marketing Webcast which will address many key issues confronting gear manufacturers. AGMA member companies are encouraged to join us on Thursday, November 12 from 1:00 pm – 2:30 pm Eastern. Complete information is available on the AGMA website.

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Last month, many companies joined a majority of U.S. manufacturers in lowering profit forecasts for 2015. Economists say the culprits include the strong dollar, battered oil sector, decreases in the Chinese and Canadian markets and ailing ag equipment and mining firms.

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America Makes has funded more than 50 projects in the three years since it was founded in Youngstown, helping companies and institutions learn more about the processes and materials used in additive manufacturing.

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European stocks closed the first trading day of the week in the red after manufacturing turnover in Germany declined and the Organisation of Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) slashed its global growth forecast.

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Business Insider

The luxury electric-car market may be small, but it is lucrative enough to get another jolt — this time from a mysterious startup that says it wants to reimagine how people interact with their autos.

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The Wall Street Journal

The U.S. manufacturing sector expanded at its slowest pace in more than two years in October, reflecting deeper pressure on factories from a weak global economy and
strong dollar.

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In the Disruptive Podcast series, Terrence McNally speaks directly with Wyss Institute researchers, exploring what motivates them and how they envision our future as might be impacted by their disruptive technologies. In part 2 of the Disruptive: Bioinspired Robotics episode, Wyss Founding Core Faculty Member Robert Wood discusses new manufacturing techniques that are enabling popup and soft robots.

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BBC News

UK manufacturing output rose by 0.8% in September according to official figures, the biggest monthly increase since April 2014.

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CNN Money

What happens in manufacturing is often seen as a leading indicator of U.S. recessions. It’s an alarming sign when it starts to look queasy. On Monday, the ISM Manufacturing Index - - the official thermometer of the U.S. manufacturing sector since 1915 - - declined for a fourth straight month.

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This one chart tells the whole story of the U.S. economy right now: manufacturing down, services up.

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Gear Technology

Over the last 15 years, there has been significant growth in the number of transmission types as well as their complexity: manual, conventional automatic, dual clutch, automated manual, continuously variable, split power and pure EV transmissions.

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The Engineer

When the Flying Test Bed A380 aircraft from Airbus hits the skies later this year, it will mark a major milestone in aerospace manufacturing. That is because the Rolls-Royce Trent XWB-97 engine powering the aircraft will be equipped with the largest civil aero-engine component ever built using 3D-printing techniques.

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Should we consider Wisconsin a blue-collar state? The question comes on the heels of Oscar Mayer announcing it will close affecting 1,000 workers. While one economic expert warns this may be the tip of the iceberg, a manufacturing expert NBC15 spoke with begs to differ.

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As 3D printing technologies continue to grow, it allows the aerospace industry to lower costs and production time. At the Dubai Air Show, U.S. and Israeli company Stratasys unveiled the largest 3D printed unmanned aerial vehicle. Bloomberg was there as it happened.

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Export Development Canada (EDC), one of the largest export credit agencies in the world, expects exports to pick up next year, basing such bullish prediction on the theory that dropping commodity prices — combined with the effect of quantitative easing — actually means world demand is coming back.

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The Australian ‘brand’ in mining is recognised worldwide as a benchmark to mining methodology, equipment selection and operational expertise. Australia’s vast landscape and often hostile environment coupled with relatively high input costs has weeded out all but the most robust, cost effective and production efficient mining solutions. And this is precisely how Striker Australia emerged from the Australian landscape.

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Aerospace Manufacturing and Design

Stratasys Ltd. presented the role of additive manufacturing as one of the key technologies that will enable the Factory of the Future at the annual Oracle OpenWorld conference in San Francisco, California.

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Gear Solutions

Simulation technology is driving innovation in gear and drivetrain design fields with an approach that moves problem-solving earlier in the process.

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