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McInnes Rolled Rings
We have more than 260 exhibitors on the show floor at the Motion Power Technology Expo at the Detroit Convention center Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week. Come check them out, network, and learn something new.
Tech Crunch
Dyson said it will end its electric vehicle project after determining it could not make the car commercially viable or find a buyer. The company, known for its high-tech vacuum cleaners and fans, said in a statement Thursday that its automotive team had developed a fantastic car, but decided to close the project.
Harvard Business Review
Earlier this year, President Trump signed an executive order for the “American AI Initiative,” to guide AI developments and investments in the following areas: research and development, ethical standards, automation, and international outreach. This initiative is indicative of the changing times and how, as a country, the U.S. is learning to navigate the implications of AI. Leaders in the business world, specifically, are faced with the responsibility of equipping our employees with the skills necessary for paving long-lasting career paths, and the workforce must discover what will be expected as technology continues to disrupt the norm, and work as we know it.
First Gear Engineering & Technology
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
3D Printing Industry
Northrop Grumman, an American global defense company, has awarded $150,000 to the U.S. Naval Academy (USNA) Foundation in support of additive manufacturing programs in the Academy’s Division of Engineering & Weapons. The grant will support the development of the USNA MakerSpace, a student-faculty 3D printing laboratory. The funding will be further utilized in assisting USNA student capstone projects aligned with Northrop Grumman’s own additive manufacturing programs and interests.
Earnings from bellwether Fastenal suggest the industrial economy, while slowing, may avoid the cliff.
Naylor Association Solutions
Each year on October 14, the members of the IEC, ISO, and ITU celebrate World Standards Day, which is a means of paying tribute to the collaborative efforts of thousands of experts worldwide who develop the voluntary technical agreements that are published as International Standards.
Gear Solutions
Theoretically, geometrically-accurate gearing that features zero base pitch variation promise to be noiseless, as no noise is produced by the gear mesh. In reality, they can be noisy.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
A recent report from the manufacturing group Generation T said more than 3 million skilled trade jobs will be open by 2028. One big concern is trying to attract more workers as more baby boomers continue to retire.
Design News
We’re two months into a U.S. manufacturing contraction. What will that mean for smart manufacturing investments and jobs? BDO’s Eskander Yavar takes on these questions.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Telecom networking supplier Ericsson announced that it will start manufacturing 5G network equipment in India once the service is operational in the country.
Innovation Origins
Incentives to promote e-mobility are available in many European countries. In most cases, it is the tax reductions and subsidies on purchases that should make it easier for citizens to make the switch to e-cars. When the Austrian federal government recently exempted e-cars from the 100 kph speed limit on routes marked out as ‘air protection zones‘,  it was unique across Europe.
Join more than 300 of your industry peers at the Disney's Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at Lake Buena Vista, Florida, March 19-21. Come to the one meeting where you can gather resources to grow every aspect of your company while staying up to date on the latest happening in the gear and bearing industries. Oh, and we tend to have some fun along the way!
Piselli Enterprises, Inc.
Precision Plus, Inc.
3D Printing Industry
International aerospace giant Airbus and San Francisco-based digital OEM LM Industries (LMI), parent company of Local Motors and Launch Forth, have partnered to form Neorizon, a digital mobility startup. The new collaborative venture between the two firms aims to provide innovative products with a focus on autonomous mobility. Both firms will bring their respective expertise in digital manufacturing, 3D printing and co-creation to create new mobility solutions for rapidly changing urban environments.
Come and learn more about the gear industry. From basic to the advanced, the 2020 AGMA education line-up has a class for you. Learn more and register today!
American Stress Technologies
CASE STUDY DOWNLOAD: Barkhausen Noise vs. Nital Etch
With Barkhausen noise analysis, you can detect near surface stress and micro structural defects due to improper heat treatment and grinding. Unlike traditional nital etch, Barkhausen noise analysis is non-destructive, objective, and repeatable.
  • No scrap or consumables
  • No chemical disposals
  • Safer laboratory and work space
  • Improved traceability and process optimization
In this case study, find out how one transmission manufacturer leverages Barkhausen noise analysis to significantly improve the safety and accuracy of their inspection and cut costs.
Download the Case Study
Aerospace Testing International
Porsche and Boeing are to research the potential for creating a premium urban air mobility market and develop a prototype electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft. The partnership will create an international team that will address various aspects of urban air mobility, including possible use cases and how to extend urban traffic into airspace.
Relativity Space may have the biggest metal 3D printers in the world, and they’re cranking out parts to reinvent the rocket industry here and on Mars.
Forest City Gear Company
With a 25-gigawatt pipeline of U.S. offshore wind projects now in play, the conversation about local factories is taking on new light.
TCT Magazine
Farsoon has announced the launch of its latest metal additive manufacturing platform that will be debuted at the Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt next month. The company says it has placed a focus on productivity, safety, stability, and ease of use in the development of the FS301M platform, which was done in collaboration with a number of ‘key partners’ from industries such as tooling and aerospace.
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.
Gear-up for Efficiency
Industrial gear oils are transformed with Evonik’s NUFLUX™ technology. Geared for higher performance with lower formulation cost, Evonik additive technology provides a premium solution backed up by OEM approvals, industry standards and performance tests. You’ll find a broad range of viscosity grades suitable for various demanding industrial gear applications.
For more information, contact the Oil Additives specialists at Evonik-Let it flow.
Automation World
Hirebotics creates a collaborative robot system capable of arc welding using Universal Robots UR10e arm. Two factors are having a big impact on metal fabricators today: a nationwide shortage of skilled welders and the difficulty of producing quality parts quickly in small runs. To address these issues, Hirebotics has developed the BotX Welder.
Tech Radar
It’s no secret that today, most of us are busier than ever, with many modern businesses requiring workers to juggle multiple tasks and projects at the same time.


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