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McInnes Rolled Rings
Today’s Motor Vehicles
July 2019 U.S. cutting tool consumption totaled $198.4 million according to the U.S. Cutting Tool Institute (USCTI) and AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology. This total, as reported by companies participating in the Cutting Tool Market Report collaboration, was down 0.6% from June's $199.7 million and down 1.3% when compared with the $201.0 million reported for July 2018. With a year-to-date total of $1.5 billion, 2019 is up 2.6% when compared with 2018.
One of the most fascinating things about digital transformation is that it moves instantly — and slowly — all at the same time. The trends we see on the horizon for Industry 4.0 in 2020 are much the same as trends that we’ve seen growing over the last few years. The difference isn’t so much in the technology, it’s in the number of companies beginning to utilize it, and the reasons why.
First Gear Engineering & Technology
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
FFF Australia Pty Ltd.
Manufacturing Global
All of Maserati’s new models will be 100% made in Italy and will adopt hybrid and battery electric propulsion systems capable of providing both innovation and the high performance embedded in the brand’s DNA. Maserati’s all electric models will combine traditional highly appreciated Maserati driving dynamics together with next-generation battery electric technology, offering unique driving modes, extended range and ultra-fast charging capabilities.
Manufacturing Global
As leaders across industries work to realize measurable business improvement in today’s complex technology environment, global engineering and technology company Emerson will help customers accelerate the realization of their digital transformation vision.
Naylor Association Solutions
Today’s Motor Vehicles
Both Toyota and Ford Motor Company are making investments to boost U.S. operations and workforce development. Through its commitment to build vehicles where they are sold, Toyota is investing $391 million at its San Antonio truck assembly plant to better serve customers. Once complete, the plant’s total investment will exceed $3 billion.
Gear Technology
Solar Atmospheres announces the addition of Gregory Scheuring as plant metallurgist. Scheuring is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, where he earned both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in materials science and engineering.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Learn and define the concept of epicyclic gearing is including some basic history and the differences among simple planetary gear systems, compound planetary gear systems and star drive gear systems. Cover concepts on the arrangement of the individual components including the carrier, sun, planet, ring and star gears and the rigid requirements for the system to perform properly. Critical factors such as load sharing among the planet or star gears, sequential loading, equal planet/star spacing, relations among the numbers of teeth on each element, calculation of the maximum and optimum number of planet/star gears for a specific system will be covered. Provides an in-depth discussion of the methodology by which noise and vibration may be optimized for such systems and load sharing guidelines for planet load sharing.
Gear Solutions
While there’s still a way to go to achieve autonomous driving on the road, factories are miles ahead. AGVs (automatic guided vehicles) are already being used in the area of production, responsible for intralogistical tasks in production transporting workpieces from unfinished parts to finished parts between the respective stages of production.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Over the last few weeks, the EV startup Rivian has been taking the R1T, along with the R1S SUV, on a tour of North America through events for reservation holders to have a chance to see the vehicle in person.
3D Printing Industry
Australian metal 3D printer manufacturer Aurora Labs has increased the speed of its Rapid Manufacturing Technology (RMP1) additive manufacturing system by a reported 2000%. 
Following the company’s latest speed tests, the RMP1 3D printer demonstrated a print speed of 350kg/day. 
Piselli Enterprises, Inc.
Precision Plus, Inc.
Fox Business
Despite a focus on reviving the U.S. manufacturing sector, many reports predict that millions of jobs will be lost to automation over time. In fact, a report from Oxford Economics estimates that 20 million manufacturing jobs around the world will disappear by 2030. However, it’s not necessarily practical to think of job losses in isolation – because while the nature of jobs in the sector is likely to change – so too will the items that consumers are demanding.
Those who have been following the 3D printing industry more recently have had the opportunity to witness the birth of composite 3D printing technologies. One of the latest to emerge is Fortify, which has a completely novel approach to composite 3D printing. One of the ways that the firm stands out from the other innovators in the space is its use of magnetics to orient reinforcement fibers within a part.
American Stress Technologies
CASE STUDY DOWNLOAD: Barkhausen Noise vs. Nital Etch
With Barkhausen noise analysis, you can detect near surface stress and micro structural defects due to improper heat treatment and grinding. Unlike traditional nital etch, Barkhausen noise analysis is non-destructive, objective, and repeatable.
  • No scrap or consumables
  • No chemical disposals
  • Safer laboratory and work space
  • Improved traceability and process optimization
In this case study, find out how one transmission manufacturer leverages Barkhausen noise analysis to significantly improve the safety and accuracy of their inspection and cut costs.
Download the Case Study
Explore gear failure analysis in this hands-on seminar where students not only see slides of failed gears but can hold and examine those same field samples close up. Use of a microscope to examine field samples.
The electric vehicle (EV) as a green energy solution has already become a popular and accepted replacement for the internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. Their use is increasing daily because of rising awareness of carbon emissions, government incentives like providing privileges EV drivers, and, of course, increasing oil prices and decreasing reserves. 
Forest City Gear Company
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
NASA has selected 14 American companies as partners whose technologies will help enable the agency’s Moon to Mars exploration approach. The selections are based on NASA’s fourth competitive Tipping Point solicitation and have a combined total award value of about $43.2 million. This investment in the U.S. space industry, including small businesses across the country, will help bring the technologies to market and ready them for use by NASA.
Automation World
Auto manufacturers are making a shift into the mobility age, meaning new technologies need to be adopted in order to be competitive. However, there is more to growth than just new technologies. These five key actions will help guide your organization into the mobility age.
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.
Gear-up for Efficiency
Industrial gear oils are transformed with Evonik’s NUFLUX™ technology. Geared for higher performance with lower formulation cost, Evonik additive technology provides a premium solution backed up by OEM approvals, industry standards and performance tests. You’ll find a broad range of viscosity grades suitable for various demanding industrial gear applications.
For more information, contact the Oil Additives specialists at Evonik-Let it flow.
Machine Design
With increased confidence in 3D printing, more design engineers are looking to see where new processes could add a competitive edge. While cost associated with 3D printing is reducing, metal printing could still be a large capital expense. Additionally, 3D printing metal still has many variables and controls that inhibit the process from being user-friendly. 
New Atlas
Hyundai has joined the growing list of big-name mobility brands making moves into the world of flying taxis, with the recent launch of a new urban Air Mobility Division. The Korean automaker hopes to use aircraft to tackle urban congestion, and has turned to a NASA aeronautics veteran to spearhead the operation.
Naylor Association Solutions
Popular Mechanics
The U.S. Air Force is looking into fielding so-called “flying cars” to use as quiet transport vehicles. Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Acquisition Will Roper wants to leverage the work of aviation companies to produce aerial taxis to create a military-grade vehicle. The result could be the 21st century’s equivalent of a jeep or truck, but one that quietly flies from Point A to Point B.


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