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McInnes Rolled Rings
Advanced Manufacturing
When someone talks me about something new in the manufacturing industry, insiders may often think, “We’ll see.” While there is a lot of new technology and change in manufacturing, it's not as often that big surprises come along. But that may change with the new “MTEC” space at Richard J. Daley College, a public, two-year community college that is also the home of the AGMA National Training Center.
Modern Machine Shop
Defense contractors are looking for capable shops to supply machined workpieces for a variety of major projects. To participate, however, you must have more than just top-notch machine tools and a skilled workforce. 
First Gear Engineering & Technology
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
FFF Australia Pty Ltd.
Chief Executive
Barbara Humpton, CEO of Siemens USA, must position her company for a future that can look cloudy even for a giant that has dominated in many traditional areas of industry and technology — but isn’t assured of the same dominance as manufacturing and markets undergo ongoing digital revolution.
Not since the first Industrial Revolution has the manufacturing industry transformed more than it has in the last 20 years. New technologies including robotics, computer-driven manufacturing and data analytics have helped companies increase supply chain efficiencies to keep up with demand, and what if a bigger manufacturing industry transformation was on the horizon? 
Gearbox and driveline design, analysis and optimisation

Automotive • EV + HEV • Energy • Heavy Auto • Off Highway • Rail • Aerospace • Marine

MASTA is a complete suite of CAE software for the design, simulation & analysis of driveline systems from concept through to manufacture. Design gearbox and driveline systems from clean sheet or imported concepts. Run and generate reports on a wide variety of analyses including static deflections, durability, efficiency, frequency domain NVH, time domain dynamics and more
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A new report shows nearly 600,000 Illinoisans work in manufacturing sector. Gear manufacturing is the single largest sector and its got the biggest economical multiplier so manufacturing is a critical cognitive in the states economy and Rockford economy.
U.S. manufacturing activity slowed to near a three-year low in June, with a measure of new orders received by factories tumbling, amid growing anxiety over an escalation in trade tensions between the United States and China. 
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Learn how to improve gear designs and gain new insights into concepts presented through illustrations and demonstrations. Explore all factors that go into good gear design from life cycle, load, torque, tooth, optimization, and evaluating consequences. 
3D Printing Industry
Premium AEROTEC, a German subsidiary of Airbus, has signed an additive manufacturing agreement with global security and aerospace company Lockheed Martin. Aiming to optimize production and reduce costs, the partners will work to identify parts in the F-35 Lightning II aircraft that can be produced using 3D printing.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
The NFPA and the AGMA have partnered to co-locate the AGMA Marketing & Forecasting Conference with the 2019 NFPA Industry & Economic Outlook Conference (IEOC) to bring each organization’s members more of the economic analysis and data they need to be successful. 
Advanced Manufacturing
We all know the buzzwords circulating around digital data and the factory: Industry 4.0, smart factories, data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI). The question is, how will this impact workers in the long term? What do these terms really mean? Nevertheless, both traditional software suppliers and makers of advanced manufacturing equipment are offering digital solutions.
Piselli Enterprises, Inc.
Precision Plus, Inc.
CNN Business
Robots are getting better at doing human jobs. That’s probably good for the economy – but there are some downsides, too. Machines are expected to displace about 20 million manufacturing jobs across the world over the next decade, according to a report released Wednesday by Oxford Economics, a global forecasting and quantitative analysis firm.
Metrology News
Gear and gearbox manufacturer Katsa Oy commissioned Flexmill Oy to design and build a robotised cell to finish-machine and deburr gears ranging in size from 50 mm to 1.5 m diameter. The bespoke, turnkey cell incorporates Renishaw RMP60 probes, mounted on custom-designed tool holders, which an ABB robot uses to collect vital part-location data before finishing and deburring operations commence.
American Stress Technologies
CASE STUDY DOWNLOAD: Barkhausen Noise vs. Nital Etch
With Barkhausen noise analysis, you can detect near surface stress and micro structural defects due to improper heat treatment and grinding. Unlike traditional nital etch, Barkhausen noise analysis is non-destructive, objective, and repeatable.
  • No scrap or consumables
  • No chemical disposals
  • Safer laboratory and work space
  • Improved traceability and process optimization
In this case study, find out how one transmission manufacturer leverages Barkhausen noise analysis to significantly improve the safety and accuracy of their inspection and cut costs.
Download the Case Study
AGMA inaugural Motion + Power Technology Conference provides 16 speakers in two tracks Business and Emerging Technology. The conference fee is only $295. We recommend you register early.
Speakers for this conference will include two Market Info speakers:
• Chloe Parkins, Fluid Power Specialist for Oxford Economics will present Economic Outlook and Trends within the Industrial Fluid Power Market
• Casey Selecman, Director – Advisory Services, IHS Markit will present The Evolution of the Automotive Powertrain.
Composite World
Schunk Carbon Technology, a division of Schunk Group involved in the development, manufacture and application of carbon and ceramic solutions has announced that its applying 3D printings and materials from Anisoprint to accelerate custom tools production. 
Forest City Gear Company
Mitsubishi Motors announced that it is relocating it North America headquarters to Franklin, Tenn., becoming the latest Japanese automaker to leave California for a Southern state, looking for lower operating costs. The relocation will result in an $18.25 million investment in the region and approximately 200 jobs.
Relativity Space has signed a deal with NASA to develop a rocket-printing factory. The California-based startup focuses on advanced rocketry through the use of their unique “Stargate” 3D printer. It’s a monstrously huge robotic metal 3D printer they say can dramatically speed up production. They say they can 3D print an entire rocket engine in only 60 days using their system. 
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.
Gear-up for Efficiency
Industrial gear oils are transformed with Evonik’s NUFLUX™ technology. Geared for higher performance with lower formulation cost, Evonik additive technology provides a premium solution backed up by OEM approvals, industry standards and performance tests. You’ll find a broad range of viscosity grades suitable for various demanding industrial gear applications.
For more information, contact the Oil Additives specialists at Evonik-Let it flow.
American Machinist
The primary method for achieving Industry 4.0 is to augment existing operations to be conducive to an intelligent environment.
Learn how to design and apply bevel gears systems from the initial concept through manufacturing and quality control and on to assembly, installation and maintenance. Engage in a practical hands-on guide to the bevel gear design, manufacture, quality control, assembly, installation rating, lubrication and, most especially, application.
Naylor Association Solutions


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