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McInnes Rolled Rings
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
Bell Helicopter, a Textron Inc. company, is teaming up with Rolls-Royce to develop an optimized propulsion system and continued risk reduction efforts aimed at the V-280 Valor and V-247 Vigilant advanced vertical lift platforms. The collaboration will focus on the integration of Rolls-Royce’s advanced propulsion systems into future Bell aircraft.
Industry Week
Carolyn Lee, the executive director of the Manufacturing Institute, is on a mission to close the skills gap.
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
FFF Australia Pty Ltd.
This course focuses the supporting elements of a gearbox that allow gears and bearings to do their jobs most efficiently. Learn about seals, lubrication, lubricants, housings, breathers, and other details that go into designing gearbox systems.
3D Industry
Automated manufacturing platform and former 3D printing marketplace 3D Hubs has announced the successful closing of $18 million in funding. A series C investment, the round was led by Dutch growth capital investment firm Endeit Capital.
Toyoda Machinery
High-Speed Axis Synchronization Technology – The Newest Innovation Redefining Gear Manufacturing
High-speed synchronization technology has reshaped standard gear manufacturing by producing parts with more accuracy, less time, and less cost. Built into Toyoda's Gear Skiving Machining Centers, this innovative technology takes five processes, traditionally spread across five separate machines, and integrates them into one compact machining center.
Learn more about gear machining with skiving technology
Gear Solutions
High torque retention knobs are a vital anchor for safety between machine and spindle for high-RPM mills.
WCPO Cincinnati
It is a problem that many manufacturing companies have been noticing for years: a growing gap between skilled workers and available jobs. About three years ago, Northern Kentucky University began talking with high-tech companies like Rockwell Automation and CBT Company about how to fill the gap in the region.
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Naylor Association Solutions
Freight Waves
Nikola Motor Corporation, in association with Sant Holdings, announces the acquisition of 389 acres of land at Inland Port Arizona in Coolidge (Pinal County). The land will be used for manufacturing facility for Nikola’s hydrogen-powered Class 8 trucks.
The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has announced up to $70 million for a Clean Energy Manufacturing Innovation Institute to develop technologies that will advance U.S. manufacturing competitiveness, energy efficiency, and innovation. This Institute will focus on early-stage research for advancing cybersecurity in energy efficient manufacturing.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
CNN Business
5G networks that transform entertainment, communication and transportation may still be years away. But in manufacturing, the technology is already making a difference. Next-generation 5G networks can be 100 times faster than 4G, making communication between devices and servers much faster.
For most people, August 6, 1991, was just another uneventful day in an uneventful week. Few understood the enormous changes that would result from the debut of the World Wide Web as a publicly available service on the internet that day. 
Precision Plus, Inc.
There’s been a tremendous resurgence of support for American manufacturing and made-in-America goods these past few years. While many people think manufacturing jobs have been in decline, they’ve actually increased steadily most of the past decade.
Crain’s Chicago Business
Manufacturing is helping to turn Illinois’ economy around, and the overall sector ended 2018 by registering its 28th straight month of growth. But when it comes to gender diversity, American manufacturing has room for improvement.
Forest City Gear Company
Metal AM
Cranfield University, Bedfordshire, U.K., has announced the launch of a new MSc in Metal Additive Manufacturing. The course is expected to provide students with the latest knowledge and skills for metal Additive Manufacturing, providing a foundation for future careers in the industry.
3D Printing Industry
Florida-based 3D printer and microdispensing system manufacturer nScrypt Inc. has announced it is developing a metal 3D printing solution to provide its customers with detailed and repeatable metal parts. Using its microdispensing technology, nScrypt is aiming to specifically provide the metal parts to the aerospace, defense, and medical industries.
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.
Gear-up for Efficiency
Industrial gear oils are transformed with Evonik’s NUFLUX™ technology. Geared for higher performance with lower formulation cost, Evonik additive technology provides a premium solution backed up by OEM approvals, industry standards and performance tests. You’ll find a broad range of viscosity grades suitable for various demanding industrial gear applications.
For more information, contact the Oil Additives specialists at Evonik-Let it flow.
The Verge
Electric vehicle startup EVelozcity, which was founded in late 2017 by three former BMW executives (and ex-Faraday Future employees), has a new name and a new direction. The company announced Monday it’s rebranding to Canoo, and also clarified that it will only sell its upcoming vehicles on a subscription model. 
Chief Learning Officer
The workforce needs to be prepared for the human-machine partnerships of the future. When the discussion turns to AI, L&D leaders should be speaking up — not stepping out.
Naylor Association Solutions
Erie News Now
The Erie Innovation District is now taking applications for its second Secure Erie Accelerator cohort. This time they’ll focus on tech companies with solutions for Erie’s manufacturing and defense core.
In late 2017, the McKinsey Global Institute released a report  estimating that the relentless march of automation could eliminate up to 73 million jobs in the U.S. by 2030. There are indications, however that its effect on downsizing may be less than what has been predicted. 


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