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McInnes Rolled Rings
Manufacturing Global
Toyota Motor Corporation and Panasonic are reportedly set to announce a joint venture and join the growing electric vehicle (EV) market. The duo will produce batteries for such new innovations, which will be fully launched in 2020.  
Industry Week
Countless predictions have been made about what 2019 will bring. But are manufacturers’ looking a decade down the road? These trends need to be on leaders’ radar not just over the next 12 months, but in the coming years.
Cleanroom Technology
New performance learning platform provides training to current and future workers on advanced instrumentation and control technologies using real plant-like process.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
FFF Australia Pty Ltd.
Today’s largest manufacturers are at a pivotal moment in their histories: Adopt new business processes and resources to succeed or maintain the status quo and get left behind. As a result of consumers’ increasing expectations for subscription-based services, manufacturers across industries are seeing a shift to servitization.
Electronic Design
A concept vehicle with “legs” provides a new version of mobility – it can move over objects and terrain that would otherwise be impossible for a conventional vehicle.
Toyoda Machinery
High-Speed Axis Synchronization Technology – The Newest Innovation Redefining Gear Manufacturing
High-speed synchronization technology has reshaped standard gear manufacturing by producing parts with more accuracy, less time, and less cost. Built into Toyoda's Gear Skiving Machining Centers, this innovative technology takes five processes, traditionally spread across five separate machines, and integrates them into one compact machining center.
Learn more about gear machining with skiving technology
Gain a better understanding of various types of gears and bearings. Learn about the limitation and capabilities of rolling element bearings and the gears that they support. Grasp an understanding of how to properly apply the best gear-bearing combination to any gearbox from simple to complex.
Electronic Design
In a patent application filed in 2017 and made public last month, Tesla describes a technology that it believes will result in more accurate GPS positioning. The proposed invention would increase positioning accuracy via determining and applying offsets in various ways and sharing this information between vehicles.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
The Indy Channel
Hiring Hoosiers is a new initiative from RTV6 that works to connect Hoosiers to employment opportunities, career development resources, training programs and educational paths. This piece highlights an employee of a gear manufacturer who got additional training.
National Association of Manufacturers
According to the latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, manufacturers’ optimism reached 92.4 percent, an all-time annual high, in 2018. Now this success has brought on a workforce crisis.
Ars Technica
Uber is looking to hire people to help it develop autonomous scooter and bike technology, with the goal of allowing bikes and scooters to “drive themselves to charging or better locations.”
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
U.S.-based automaker startup Rivian made headlines when it revealed its electric pickup truck back in November. But it’s about to face some storied competition from iconic Ford trucks, including the F-150. Ford revealed that it will release all-electric and hybrid versions of its best-selling F-series and Super Duty pickup truck lineup.
Manufacturing Global
Airbus’ manufacturing growth in the U.S. has stepped up a gear, launching a ground-breaking ceremony of its new A220 manufacturing facility in Mobile, Alabama. The assembly line will satisfy growing demands across the U.S. for the A220 aircraft, the newest offering in Airbus’ commercial aircraft product line.
SKF (U.K.) Limited
Giving design engineers a competitive edge
With new SKF SimPro Quick single-shaft bearing simulation software you can quickly, easily, and accurately evaluate the design of your bearing arrangements and their field performance. Explore design alternatives, with more parameters, faster than ever before. Choose the best possible arrangement for your machine design, and validate directly with SKF bearing and application experts. See how much you could benefit from using SKF SimPro Quick.
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Renaissance Manufacturing group is utilizing a foundry in Waukesha, Wis., to turn out parts for markets that include light and heavy-duty trucks, construction, agriculture and railroad.
3D Printing Industry
The worldwide MPIF has published A Collection of Powder Characterization Standards for Metal Additive Manufacturing. A compilation of nine existing test methods relating to metallic powered feedstock, the document is intended to help “clarify the technology as an aid in conducting business” for designers and manufacturers.
Forest City Gear Company
With more agility coming to manufacturing, there is thinking that this year will see an upswing for manufacturing platforms. Among these is 3D Hubs, which has its origins in 3D printing. Over the years, the business has been reorienting to best position itself in a changing marketplace.
Learn what is required for the design of an optimum gear set and the importance of the coordinated effort of the gear design engineer, the gear metallurgist, and the bearing system engineer. Investigate gear-related problems, failures and improved processing procedures.
Evonik Oil Additives USA, Inc.
Gear-up for Efficiency
Industrial gear oils are transformed with Evonik’s NUFLUX™ technology. Geared for higher performance with lower formulation cost, Evonik additive technology provides a premium solution backed up by OEM approvals, industry standards and performance tests. You’ll find a broad range of viscosity grades suitable for various demanding industrial gear applications.
For more information, contact the Oil Additives specialists at Evonik-Let it flow.
CIO Applications
Robotics is considered one of the first and key disrupters in the digital world. Anything that is routine, rule-based and standard in nature can easily be automated with robotics. It has the potential to improve efficiency multiple times in any industry. 
3D Printing Industry
Metal additive manufacturing takes another step forward as Hill Air Force Base announces the successful installation of a 3D printed titanium part for the F-22 jet.
Naylor Association Solutions
Some startups jump into public view with a big splash. Others simply get in and start quietly swimming. This is the case for Las Vegas-based ADDiTEC which recently introduced a comparatively low-cost desktop metla 3D printing system to no fanfare.
Industry Week
TomTom NV will sell its Telematics fleet-management business to tire manufacturer Bridgestone Corp. for 910 million euros (US$1 billion), freeing up resources to battle the likes of Alphabet Inc. for access to mapping technology in car dashboards.


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