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McInnes Rolled Rings
Chief Executive
As the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has evolved, manufacturing organizations have gained access to more information than ever before. At the same time, global supply chains and production processes have become more complex in order to support increasingly sophisticated products.
Manufacturing Global
Daimler has announced its new corporate structure in a move that will see its subsidiaries form into three legally independent entities: Mercedes-Benz, Daimler Truck and Daimler Mobility.
The 2018 SRN meeting is the perfect place to gain knowledge and leadership, best business practices, technology and professional development. The meeting will be two-days, October 17-18 with a full agenda of speakers. We will also spend half a day at Fanuc America for presentations and a tour of their Customer Experience Center. And then an afternoon at LIFT’s (Lightweight Innovations for Tomorrow) High Bay facility. See the speaker line-up including: John Bennett, VP and CTO of Meritor, Jamie Price, President of Ovako North America, and Elliot Forsyth, VP of Operations of the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center. 
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Dana press release
Dana Incorporated announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to purchase the Drive Systems segment of the Oerlikon Group, a global manufacturer of high-precision gears; planetary hub drives for wheeled and tracked vehicles; and products, controls and software that support vehicle electrification across the mobility industry.
A cross section of forward-looking indicators compiled by Bloomberg News show largely positive signs. Sentiment in the manufacturing and services sectors rebounded in June, with new orders picking up pace. Bank loans disbursals are growing while auto sales are expanding at double-digits.
Houston Business Journal
NeoRig recently completed an expansion at its nearly 80-acre campus in Conroe Park North. The campus includes 250,000 square feet of manufacturing, finishing and warehouse facilities plus more than 500,000 square feet of research and development space.
Going beyond the initial collection of connected device or sensor data to deride actional insights is essential in today’s highly competitive, digital business landscape. In order to optimize operational efficiency, satisfy customer demand and maintain security, manufacturing organizations must continually monitor and understand all of the data their machines are constantly producing.
Toyoda Machinery
High-Speed Axis Synchronization Technology – The Newest Innovation Redefining Gear Manufacturing
High-speed synchronization technology has reshaped standard gear manufacturing by producing parts with more accuracy, less time, and less cost. Built into Toyoda's Gear Skiving Machining Centers, this innovative technology takes five processes, traditionally spread across five separate machines, and integrates them into one compact machining center.
Learn more about gear machining with skiving technology
New Atlas
Initially revealed back in early 2016, the Microlino promised a new electric interpretation of the classic 1950s bubble car, the BMW Isetta. After some unexpected design delays they stylish little EV has finally been approved as street legal, with production to commence immediately and first deliveries expected by early 2019.
Engine Technology International
German OEM Audi has officially initiated series production of electric motors for e-tron in Gyor, Hungary. For the production of electric motors, the Audi Hungaria facility installed the innovative production equipment and islands within just one year. The departments for the development of electric motors and for production planning cooperated closely with the prototype manufacturing/ production technology center in Gyor to develop the required expertise.
(VIDEO) This Jet Suit is a device from Gravity Industries that allows users to fly at 32 mph for up to nine minutes.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Today’s Motor Vehicles
DMG MORI USA plans to move its North American headquarters from the Northwest Chicago suburb of Hoffman Estates, close to the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) in Chicago. A large showroom will be set up at the new location, giving DMG MORI the opportunity to demonstrate a representative cross-section of its product portfolio.
Manufacturing Business Technology
As one of the leading industries that was an early adopter of process automation, manufacturing is often ahead of the curve when it comes to seeking ways to improve processes – yet still has work to do in the technology adoption realm. While the trend for cloud adoption is increasing over on-premises solutions overall, some organizations are hesitant to make the transition to the cloud.
CIO Review
3D printing has enabled the creation of complex components with reduced costs and turnaround times in the highly-regulated environment of aerospace. Especially in the field of 3D printing of service parts, the aerospace industry can benefit from the increased asset uptime, reduced costs, lighter components, more durability, and increased customer satisfaction. 
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Purdue University
A new manufacturing technique uses a process similar to newspaper printing to form smoother and more flexible metals for making ultrafast electronic devices. The low-cost process, developed by Purdue University researchers, combines tools already used in industry for manufacturing metals on a large scale, but uses the speed and precision of roll-to-roll newspaper printing to remove a couple of fabrication barriers in making electronics faster than they are today.
Design News
Blockchain technology is moving into more and more commercial and enterprise applications — from supply chain to energy production and even potential automotive applications. The ever-expanding Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is going to require solutions for automation and security alongside its solutions for connectivity and blockchain, with its promise of facilitating encrypted, automated and verifiable transactions between systems, looks poised to be the answer. 
IOT For All
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is the future of the oil and gas industry. As the Internet of Things’ (IoT) network of devices, sensors and software brings about change in consumers’ daily lives, this particular industry is lagging behind. Oil and gas have been facing challenges, largely attributed to the antiquated and inefficient approach that many companies take to maintain assets and collect data. This article looks at five ways that IIoT will revolutionize the oil and gas industry.
Forest City Gear Company
(VIDEO) When it comes to maintaining airplane engines, Rolls-Royce is thinking small.
New Atlas
When it comes to new materials, thin is most definitely in. Brazilian researchers have created a new two-dimensional material called hematene, which is made up of sheets of iron ore just three atoms thick. And as is often the case with 2D materials, hematene seems to have different properties to its regular form.
3D Printing Industry
Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology (ILT) and RWTH Aachen University have won an award for development of Extreme High-Speed Laser Material Deposition (EHLA). In place since 2000, the Berhold Leibinger Innovationspre is is one of the most prestigious awards in laser technology, and is presented every two years by a panel of experts from science and industry.
Naylor Association Solutions
Industry Week
Ultimaker’s North American president discusses the evolution of the desktop 3D printer and how they have immediate cost and time benefits on the factory floor.
Provides an introduction and emphasize the differences between parallel (the experience base) axis and worm and crossed axis helical gears. Describe the basics of worm and crossed axis helical gears, their fundamental design principals, application guidelines and recommendations, lubrication requirement, a discussion of accuracy and quality and summarize with a brief review of common failure modes.


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