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McInnes Rolled Rings
Manufacturing Business Technology
Manufacturing expanded in June as the PMI registered 60.2 percent, an increase of 1.5 percentage points from the May reading of 58.7 percent. This indicates strong growth in manufacturing for the 22nd consecutive month, led by continued expansion in new orders, production and employment. The PMI reached its highest level since February 2018, when it reached 60.8 points. However, inventories continue to struggle to maintain expansion levels as a result of supplier deliveries slowing further. A reading above 50 percent indicates that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding; below 50 percent indicates that it is generally contracting.
Manufacturing Business Technology
How do you prepare for what you don’t see coming? By recognizing there’s a new, continually evolving rulebook — and maybe writing a few of the new rules yourself.
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Learn and define the concept of epicyclic gearing is including some basic history and the differences among simple planetary gear systems, compound planetary gear systems and star drive gear systems. Cover concepts on the arrangement of the individual components including the carrier, sun, planet, ring and star gears and the rigid requirements for the system to perform properly. Critical factors such as load sharing among the planet or star gears, sequential loading, equal planet/star spacing, relations among the numbers of teeth on each element, calculation of the maximum and optimum number of planet/star gears for a specific system will be covered. Provides an in-depth discussion of the methodology by which noise and vibration may be optimized for such systems and load sharing guidelines for planet load sharing.
TechLink’s purpose is to help businesses and entrepreneurs across America gain access to Department of Defense inventions so they can turn ideas into new products and services. See the latest line up of new technology.
Toyoda Machinery
High-Speed Axis Synchronization Technology – The Newest Innovation Redefining Gear Manufacturing
High-speed synchronization technology has reshaped standard gear manufacturing by producing parts with more accuracy, less time, and less cost. Built into Toyoda's Gear Skiving Machining Centers, this innovative technology takes five processes, traditionally spread across five separate machines, and integrates them into one compact machining center.
Learn more about gear machining with skiving technology
Manufacturing Business Technology
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will be adding a new requirement on enterprise networks: responding in real-time.  Before we can discuss what the impact of real-time requirements are on a
Network’s infrastructure, we need to come to a definition of what real-time is.
Manufacturing Business Technology
Manufacturing has not yet hit a plateau, and productivity is continuing to evolve. According to a recent report from UPS, over 50 percent of executives said their operating models were still evolving digitally, with only 10 percent saying their business models were fully transformed. As these manufacturers continue to evolve, the next iteration of manufacturing will depend heavily on a combination of technology, strategy, and process, all within a new collaborative environment.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
When most C-suite executives think about better, faster decision making, they usually think it’s up to them, the leaders. In traditional organizations, questions go up the chain of command and decisions come down, a painstakingly slow process. Smart manufacturing is challenging that approach, just as it has upended other conventional business strategies and tactics.  
Virtual Strategy Magazine
Autonomous trucking, though sometimes described as a potential job-killer, will actually create an abundance of opportunity for truck drivers, shippers, hauling companies, and the American consumer economy.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
ABB press release
ABB announced it completed its acquisition of GE Industrial Solutions (GEIS), GE’s global electrification solutions business, on June 30. The transaction was announced on September 25, 2017, and is expected to be accretive to operational EPS in the first year.
Gain a solid and fundamental understanding of gear geometry, types and arrangements, and design principles. Starting with the basic definitions of gears, conjugate motion, and the Laws of Gearing, learn the tools needed to understand the inter-relation and coordinated motion operating within gear pairs and multi-gear trains. Basic gear system design process and gear measurement and inspection techniques will also be explained. In addition, the fundamentals of understanding the step-wise process of working through the iterative design process required to generate a gear pair will be reviewed. Learn the steps and issues involved in design refinement and some manufacturing considerations. An explanation of basic gear measurement techniques, how measurement equipment and test machines implement these techniques, and how to interpret the results from these basic measurements will also be covered.
General Motors Co. has created its own ride-hailing platform and quietly built one of the largest charging stations in the U.S. to get its Cruise self-driving car unit ready to enter the robo-taxi business next year.
Automation World
By following these principles of flexible assembly line design, manufacturers can pursue lean manufacturing in their current operation while also building capabilities to maintain or add lean improvements in the future.
3D Print
A year ago, BASF focused on 3D printing with the announcement of a new division, BASF 3D Printing Solutions. The new company has grown quickly, acquiring other companies expanding its expertise. Now it has acquired two more companies to be integrated into BASF 3D Printing Solutions.
Ford made waves recently when it announced it would stop producing cars (except for the iconic Mustang) in favor of SUVs, trucks and other large vehicles – for the United States. It wasn’t a big surprise and if anything it was expected since SUV and truck sales are growing while car sales plummet. But there’s another big change going on at Ford: the move to electrification.

Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
Boeing and Embraer officials have signed a memorandum of understanding to establish a strategic partnership that positions both companies to accelerate growth in global aerospace markets. The non-binding agreement proposes the formation of a joint venture comprising the commercial aircraft and services business of Embraer that would strategically align with Boeing’s commercial development, production, marketing, and lifecycle services operations.
Forest City Gear Company
Detroit News
One man and a 3D printer have saved General Motors Co. $300,000 over the last two years. GM’s largest 3D printer, which costs roughly $28,000, is housed in a room near the cafeteria at its Lansing Delta Township Assembly Plant, which builds the Chevrolet Traverse and Buick Enclave. It’s manned by Zane Meike, who says his skills with the 3D printer are mostly self-taught. Meike’s job is to provide the plant with what’s known as "additive manufacturing’ parts.
Aerospace Manufacturing 
BAE Systems says its engineers will soon benefit from collaborative robots – or ‘cobots’ – designed to support people with complex manufacturing of combat aircraft by the end of this year.
American Machinist
A new series of standards will measure energy supplied to CNC machine tools, and to divine future machine design and performance. It may mean greener machine tools, as well as a new way to determine the value of performance in manufacturing.


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