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McInnes Rolled Rings
Advanced Manufacturing
Machine tool orders soared in March amid strong demand across the United States, the Association for Manufacturing Technology (McLean, VA) said. Orders totaled $508.7 million in March up 42 percent from an adjusted $359.1 million the month before, according to a monthly report.
The Mars Helicopter is a technology demonstration that will travel to the Red Planet with the Mars 2020 rover. It will attempt controlled flight in Mars' thin atmosphere, which may enable more ambitious missions in the future.
National Association of Manufacturers
Info TK
Explore gear failure analysis in this hands‐on seminar where students not only see slides of failed gears but can hold and examine those same field samples close up. Experience the use of microscope and take your own contact pattern from field samples. 
The Globe and Mail
Computer technology intensified automation, but it also spawned a whole new industry that almost nobody saw coming. It enabled much of the automation that finally started reducing U.S. factory employment in 1980, but even so, it’s not as one-sided as you might think. Since computers became a mainstream business tool, a million more IT-related jobs were created than jobs lost in manufacturing. 
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder is making talent development a priority in his final term, through a proposal titled the "Marshall Plan for Talent." The strategy, which Snyder has been circling the state to promote, aims to fund $100 million in scholarships, career counseling, teacher grants and career-oriented programs within high schools. 
Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert made an announcement at a recent TechCrunch Session at UC Berkley, that SpotMini is coming to market, and soon. The company is planning to build 100 units later this year.
President Trump signaled what hopefully will become a vigorous return to space exploration by the United States when he reconstituted the National Space Council. A new era of cooperation with the private sector space leaders such as SpaceX, Blue Origin, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman, Vulcan Aerospace and Boeing will be crucial to the success of the effort. 
The Advanced Robotics for Manufacturing Institute is preparing the workforce to adapt to a 4.0 mindset and work collaboratively with robotic solutions.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Today’s Motor Vehicles
Less than three months after announcing the closure of one plant in Korea and the possible closure of others, General Motors has released a plan to revitalize its Asia operations and run GM Korea Co. to profitability by 2019.
Manufacturing Business Technology
An interview with Porfirio Lima, CEO of Sensai where he discusses artificial intelligence in the manufacturing space.
Control Design
Kuka Robotics is a global automation powerhouse. Founded 120 years ago in Bavaria, Germany, in 1898, Kuka’s annual sales are around $3 billion and its workforce totals more than 12,000 worldwide. Five years ago, Kuka’s global data systems operated on disconnected drives with different systems for product lifecycle management (PLM), product data management (PDM) and sometimes only enterprise resource planning (ERP).
Engineers from the Manufacturing Technologies Division, Air Force Research Laboratory, held a recent successful demonstration of the advanced capabilities of the Advanced Automation for Agile Aerospace Applications (A5) Robotic System at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. 
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
In today’s world of global competition, the key to success and survival is adopting next-generation technologies. The company that captures your customers’ attention might look nothing like you, and they will use cutting-edge technologies to do it. Just ask Whole Foods (acquired by Amazon), the taxi industry (disrupted by Uber) and the hotel industry (competing with Airbnb).
Frontal polymerization is a promising alternative curing strategy, in which a self-propagated exothermic reaction wave transforms liquid monomers to fully cured polymers. We report here the frontal polymerization of a high-performance thermoset polymer that allows the rapid fabrication of parts with microscale features, three-dimensional printed structures and carbon-fibre-reinforced polymer composites. 
Manufacturing Business Technology
Failure to comply with regulations on third-parties can put corporations at risk of penalties, as well as cause disruption in their supply chains. It can cost a business millions of dollar for every hour of lost production time. By adopting recent advances in technology that make it easier for corporations to understand and monitor third-party relationships, manufacturers can guard against these risks of non-compliance.  
Learn key factors in the inspection process that lead to better design of gears. Develop a broad understanding of the methods used to manufacture and inspect gears. Discover how the resultant information can be applied and interpreted in the design process.
Forest City Gear Company
3D Printing Industry
Incanteri Australia, a localized branch of international shipbuilding company Fincantieri has signed a 12-month Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with industrial metal additive manufacturing company Titomic.
On-demand manufacturing startup Fictiv said it had raised $15 million for expansion. The company matches customers who need rapidly produced parts and prototypes with a network of idle machinery  in order to shrink the time it takes to develop a product and get it produced.
Machine Design
The Industrial Internet of Things (or IIoT) is a key aspect of Industry 4.0 — the fourth wave of innovation in the history of technology. As the trend towards smart factories grows, it is important to understand the many different terms being used, recognize how smart technologies are already being implemented in manufacturing facilities, and prepare your business for the future.
3D Print
The U.S. Navy has been on board with 3D printing for quite some time now, using the technology to create all sorts of innovations, such as the tiny TruClip, drones, a huge submarine hull, explosives, and even missile components.


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