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McInnes Rolled Rings
A new research study done by Deloitte in collaboration with the Council on Competitiveness and Singularity University predicts artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain as two big growth opportunities in future manufacturing.
Manufacturing Global
The "Digitalization and the Future of Work" report notes that although more jobs are being created in the industry, the further implementation of digital technologies is changing employment structure.
National Association of Manufacturers
In the latest Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, 93.5 percent of respondents feel positive about their own company’s outlook, the second-highest reading in the survey’s 20-year history following the all-time high of 94.6 percent in December. Optimism has been at historically high levels over the past five quarters, averaging 92.1 percent, but sentiment is sharply higher than two years ago.
This course explores all factors going into good gear design from life cycle, load, torque, tooth optimization, and evaluating consequences. An in-depth discussion of real-life gear failures is provided. Students should have a good understanding of basic gear theory and nomenclature before attending this course. 
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Industry Week
GE's chief digital officer and CEO of its GE Digital business reiterated sees much of the company's growth coming from a focus on the company’s installed base in industrial, transportation, aviation and power.
Modern Materials Handling
Fetch Robotics has expanded its VirtualConveyor family of autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) with the addition of CartConnect and RollerTops robots. CartConnect solutions allow the AMRs to pick up, transport and drop off delivery warehouse carts to any warehouse or manufacturing location. This lets human pickers stay in their pick areas, and lets the robots do the transport to locations such as pack/ship stations.
Quality Magazine
NIST is helping additive manufacturing, often referred to as 3D printing, mature from a potentially disruptive technology into a widespread industrial capability. NIST’s  Material Measurement Lab contributes to the measurement methods, standards, data and models required to realize the full promise of additive manufacturing.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
AGMA members are invited to listen as Tom Runiewicz provides a 2-hour detailed discussion of the statistical information contained in the Gear Market Report. This comprehensive report provides information on the US Economic Conditions, Industry Conditions for Gears, Gear Market Bookings, and Gear Market Shipments. Additionally, this information will also be broken down into a series of end user markets.
Manufacturers have reached a crossroads. Increased connectivity and machine data have made traditional operations and maintenance practices outdated, costly and even high-risk. As a result, companies are looking for new ways to harness and analyze this data. Over the next five years, PwC predicts manufacturer’s adoption of machining learning and analytics to improve predictive maintenance will increase 38 percent. 
Automation World
Though General Motors is certainly not new to robotics, some newer iterations like collaborative robots, drones and exoskeletons are changing the way the carmaker looks at robotic applications.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
A report released by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York on Monday showed a notably slower pace of growth in New York manufacturing activity in the month of April. The New York Fed said its general business conditions index fell to 15.8 in April from 22.5 in March, although a positive reading still indicates growth in regional manufacturing activity. Economists had expected the index to drop 18.6.
From the outside, Brookville Equipment Corporation in Western Pennsylvania looks like any other office building. But inside, the past meets the future. There are stripped down streetcars from the 1930s next to gleaming new ones. Workers assemble coal cars and locomotives. If it runs on a rail, Brookville probably makes it. And that takes steel. Tons of it.
Unfortunately, getting new generations of employees to look past the smog-producing factories of the past can be a difficult task. According to a study by the Manufacturing Institute, approximately 2 million of the nearly 3.5 million potential manufacturing jobs needed in the next decade will likely go unfilled. Luckily, manufacturing has bright, shiny technology on its side, in the burgeoning metal additive manufacturing (AM) realm.
Volkswagen AG’s heavy-vehicle division is open to a takeover of U.S. affiliate Navistar International Corp., as the German company seeks scale to compete with global leaders Daimler AG and Volvo AB.
Business Wire
The Industrial Internet Consortium® (IIC ™), the world’s leading organization transforming business and society by accelerating the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), announced the publication of the IIC IoT Security Maturity Model: Description and Intended Use white paper.
The guessing game on Li Shufu’s intentions after buying the biggest stake in Daimler is up: Automakers must cooperate or risk being swallowed up. Li, who in February bought a 9.7 percent stake in Daimler AG to add to his ownership of Volvo Car Group, said traditional carmakers need to "wake up" to make the switch to a business model based more on sharing technology to generate acceptable returns in future.
Forest City Gear Company
Explore gear failure analysis in this hands‐on seminar where students not only see slides of failed gears but can hold and examine those same field samples close up. Experience the use of microscope and take your own contact pattern from field samples. This class fills up fast, so don't miss out!
Manufacturing Global
The automotive industry is in a state of flux. Significant swings in gas prices, as well as environmental and political pressures, challenge the industry to balance between the economics of gas guzzling SUVs and lightweight electric vehicles. Automotive manufacturers must adapt to all that change, while facing the age-old challenge of minimizing production costs. 
Popular Mechanics
The U.K. could soon get its own next-gen rocket engine, thanks to a partnership between Boeing and Rolls-Royce. The two companies are investing in a new type of jet engine/rocket engine hybrid that could take payloads to space much more efficiently than any current rocket.


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