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McInnes Rolled Rings
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Voice in Forbes
Digital technology, robotics and artificial intelligence are causing a fundamental shift in how manufacturers operate. While automation offers the sector an opportunity to lower costs and boost quality manufacturing leaders need to steer their organizations carefully and responsibly.
The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) Foundation released groundbreaking research on the interaction of the opioid crisis and manufacturing, "Ignorance Isn’t Bliss. The Impact of Opioids on Manufacturing." While many are forecasting U.S. manufacturing to return to its global dominance, the drug crisis is poised to be a drag on U.S. competitiveness.
Manufacturing Business Technology
In 2015, Accenture interviewed executives across several major industrial sectors about their strategies for creating a more connected workforce. At the time, the overwhelming sentiment stated that smart devices and IoT-enabled assets would come together to enable whole new levels of operational performance and safety, but that most manufacturers still lacked the confidence to implement such a program successfully.
Manufacturing Global
Toyota has been working on producing vehicle motors using fewer rare earth minerals.
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Siemens Manufacturing and BMW have partnered with Greenville Technical College to build a new facility for the development of assembly line technology. The addition, which is located next to and in partnership with the Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research, is part of the colleges’ effort to close the manufacturing skills gap in South Carolina.
Milwaukee Business News
Employees working side-by-side with nimble collaborative robots is becoming more common on factory floors at manufacturers of all sizes, especially as a means of overcoming challenges tied to an increasingly troublesome labor shortage plaguing the industrial sector.
U.S. companies’ borrowing to spend on capital investment rose about 10 percent in January from a year earlier, the Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) said. Companies signed up for $6.9 billion in new loans, leases and lines of credit last month, up from $6.2 billion a year earlier. 
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design
GE Aviation in Rockford commission a new $13 million lab for development of advance aircraft systems. The new facility is dedicated to testing complex, high-precision components including engine pneumatic valves, starter systems, turbo machinery, heat exchangers, and bleed air systems.
Machine Design
Stepper motor systems are highly efficient when producing torque, but lack operational efficiency when not producing torque. Applied Motion Products offers insights on how to make a greener and more efficient stepper motor system by simply closing the current loop.
Manufacturing Business Technology
The potential of manufacturing to continually reinvent, revitalize and strengthen is evident in the growth happening, from the largest production centers to the smallest, busiest shop floors. In fact, manufacturers’ global spending on cloud computing platforms is predicted to reach $4.2B this year, attaining a 23 percent growth rate in 2018.
Specialty Ring Products
The latest, smartest generation of sensors costs up to 10 times less than the sensors of five years ago, enables shorter cycle times, screens out interference and can be reconfigured automatically. Harvesting this newly available data is changing the face of manufacturing.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Suburbs have largely been dismissed by environmentalists and urban planners as bad for the planet, a form that needed to be eliminated to make way for a bright urban future. Yet, after a few years of demographic stultification amid the Great Recession, Americans are again heading to the suburbs in large numbers, particularly millennials.
Industry Week
UTC is taking a fresh look in the mirror as its aerospace operations are poised for a substantial overhaul from a blockbuster merger with Rockwell Collins.
Gear Solutions
Distortion effects can have a major impact on manufacturing costs and overall gear quality. One way to mitigate distortion involves in-depth material knowledge.
Windpower Engineering & Development
Moventas says its factory expansion on wind-turbine gearbox assembly and testing capacity in Jyväskylä, Finland, is proceeding well. The topping out ceremony was celebrated in January, with municipally owned real estate company, Jykia Oy.
Forest City Gear Company
Learn the fundamentals of gear manufacturing in this hands-on course. Gain an understanding of gearing and nomenclature, principles of inspection, gear manufacturing methods, and hobbing and shaping. Utilizing manual machines, develop a deeper breadth of perspective and understanding of the process and physics of making a gear as well as the ability to apply this knowledge in working with CNC equipment commonly in use.
Missouri Partnership
White River Marine Group, the manufacturing arm of Bass Pro Shops, announce its plan to reopen a closed manufacturing plant in Bolivar, Missouri. The manufacturing plant was originally closed in 2009, and its reopening is expected to bring 130 new jobs to the region.
Energy Digital
FTI Intelligence, a branch of FTI Consulting, has released its report, Global Wind Market Update – Demand & Supply 2017, featuring the top five wind turbine manufacturers in the world. The company has ranked each manufacturer based on aspects such as installation and diversification.
American Stress Technologies
This is different from nital etch and eddy current. We are a non-destructive testing solution for grinding burn detection, case depth measurement, heat treat defect detection, and residual stress measurement. Discover how this can improve your quality inspection process.


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