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Two gauges of manufacturing sentiment showed strength in June, according to data released last week. The Philadelphia Fed manufacturing index in June retreated to a reading of 27.6 from 38.8 in May. Economists had expected a retreat because the May reading was the second highest in more than 30 years.
Manufacturing Global
Industry 4.0 is the latest buzzword. It’s the fourth industrial revolution and represents the future where intelligent machines are self-aware and automation challenges can be solved by the machinery itself. The manufacturing and engineering industries are on the cusp of this revolution. Only the most agile organizations will thrive, while those with one foot in the past will be left behind. To be successful, leaders and managers must put in place new strategic thinking to exploit business opportunities and respond to threats.
Learn the fundamentals of gear manufacturing in this hands-on course. Gain an understanding of gearing and nomenclature, principles of inspection, gear manufacturing methods, and hobbing and shaping.
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Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Manufacturing Global
Manufacturing is arguably the lifeblood of global business. UK manufacturing alone contributes £6.7 trillion to the global economy — impressive stats for a country that is dwarfed in size by other nations. But just how does the UK’s manufacturing output compare to the rest of the world? In this article, process manufacturing software provider, Datawright compares the UK’s productivity against the world’s manufacturing heavyweights.
U.S. manufacturing got walloped during the Great Recession. It lost 20 percent of its output and 15 percent of its workforce. "That’s second only to the Great Depression of the 1930s, when it lost about half its total output," says Cliff Waldman, chief economist for the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI), a manufacturing leadership organization.
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General Electric Co., the world’s biggest jet-engine maker, said it is not prepared to share turbine production on Boeing’s Co.’s planned middle-of-market plane with its two global rivals.
National Association of Manufacturers (NAM)
There will only be a handful of economic releases out this week, with data focusing mainly on manufacturing and housing. IHS Markit will release new surveys on U.S. and Eurozone manufacturing activity for June, with Europe building on May’s 73-month high in confidence as its economy continues to trend mostly in the right direction. Other highlights this week include the latest figures for existing and new home sales, the Kansas City Federal Reserve Bank’s monthly survey and leading economic indicators. 
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Richmond Register
On Wednesday, Richmond Auto Parts Technology, a firm that makes automobile transmission gears, celebrated the opening of a new production line for a new customer, Toyota Manufacturing.
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Of all the ways 3D printing will change the world, the democratization of manufacturing is perhaps the most important. Think of it as the Uberization of manufacturing, where supply can be accessed anywhere in the world to produce goods at the click of button. This is a once-in-a-generation logistics opportunity, as so-called additive manufacturing will optimize the time and cost of making and delivering goods. Mass customization will be the new normal.
(Video) The S-97 Raider is Lockheed Martin's prototype helicopter that has double-rotor tech for better stability. It might be "the next big thing in army aviation." It can fly 250 mph, two times as fast as normal helicopters.
The Paris Airshow kicks off Monday, offering the denizens of the aviation world their biennial chance to gather round. They'll ogle the latest aerospace innovations, close deals for defense drones, and check out private jets. Airbus and Boeing will go head-to-head over over sales numbers as aircraft new and old — including the F35A fighter jet, making its public debut — roar overhead, flaunting their flying skills.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Up to 130 jobs could be created in Ohio at a new iron ore processing facility to be operated by Cliffs Natural Resources. Cleveland-based Cliffs announced on Thursday that the factory, which will making hot briquetted iron used in steelmaking, will be built on a site owned since 2008 by the Toledo Lucas County Port Authority.
Design News
There’s a world of small- to mid-size manufacturers who know they have to adopt new technology in order to stay competitive, but they don’t know where to start. One plant manager complained that new advanced plant technology was delivered to the factory and it sat in a corner for six months because nobody knew what to do with it — or had time to do anything about it.
3D Printing Industry
We have seen a steady and continuous growth in the use of 3D printers in education over the past three years. Most educational facilities are not on their first generation of 3D printers, their knowledge is growing with the market and their experience enables them to make informed decisions about hardware and how it will be used. 3D printers like Robox enable the technology to become more accessible; ease-of-use and the growing number available ensure that it’s within easy reach for students. The many ways 3D printers can be used have not yet been explored fully and there is no part of our society more creative than our youth. When young minds get their hands on these tools we will truly see what is in the future for 3D printing.
Machine Design
Let us analyze three examples of how manufacturing operators can take full advantage of the benefits of sinter hardening of metals to achieve precise and repeatable production of complex metal parts.
AGMA will host several courses during Gear Expo 2017 in Columbus, Ohio this October 24-26. Complete information is available on the Gear Expo website.
Forest City Gear Company
Manufacturing Global
Digitalization is taking over the manufacturing world, forcing traditional fossil-fueled methods out of the way and improving the flexibility of processes globally. IIoT and Industry 4.0 are a looming presence spurring businesses to adopt advanced automation solutions in order to hasten production, lower manufacturing costs, and remain competitive.
Robotics & Automation News
The most challenging feature in the concept of the human-robot collaborative system was the limited space available for the construction. For this human-robot collaboration project, experts designed a system which can be integrated into the existing production line without having to redesign it. The solution developed by Kuka systems involved a slim steel construction in the form of a gallows, to which the LBR iiwa is fixed. This saves space because the sensitive lightweight robot can work suspended, says the company.


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