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The U.S. manufacturing sector maintained its robust growth in May, according to the latest monthly survey of supply executives. The Institute for Supply Management's poll registered a Purchasing Managers' Index of 54.9 percent, which was slightly above April's level and, at more than 50 percent for the ninth consecutive month, indicated continued growth in the manufacturing economy.
Manufacturing Business Technology
Today, the U.S. manufacturing industry faces many challenges, yet perhaps the most significant is the current — and growing — skills gap with six out of ten production positions going unfilled due to a talent shortage. Closing the gap is a priority, but it’s challenging given the magnitude of the problem — according to research from Deloitte, nearly 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will need to be filled in the next decade, and two million of those jobs are likely to go unfilled.
In the long run, many think that automation and robotics are going to replace a significant percentage, if not the overwhelming majority, of manufacturing jobs. That’s certainly a possibility. But for now, even as companies add more robots to North American factory floors, the number of human jobs in manufacturing is also on the rise.
German Machine Tools of America
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Sandvik on YouTube
(Video) Meet Vahid Kalhori, head of digital machining innovation at Sandvik Coromant. His team is responsible for developing and delivering digital and smart products and technology platform modules for customers in many different industry segments. Vahid shares is focus on Industry 4.0, which will have a big impact on society. Connectivity will lead to faster and smarter decision making and a better utilization of resources.
June 20-22 | St. Augustine, FL
Learn key factors in the inspection process that lead to better design of gears. Develop a broad understanding of the methods used to manufacture and inspect gears. Discover how the resultant information can be applied and interpreted in the design process.
SCOT FORGE - ATTN: Maggie Dort
3D Printing Industry
To celebrate five years of reporting on the 3D printing industry, we’ve invited industry leaders and 3D printing experts to give us their perspective and predictions for the next five years and insight into trends in additive manufacturing. 
Robotic hands can play drums and even twirl objects with aplomb, but they're still poor at picking up unfamiliar objects. That's why UC Berkeley's DexNet 2.0 bot is so impressive — using deep learning, it can successfully grasp random, real-world objects 99 percent of the time. What's more, the tech, developed with the help of Amazon, Google and Toyota, is far enough along that it could be put to work in manufacturing and supply chains in the near future.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Bevel Gear System Design – Sept. 6-8, San Diego, CA
Steels for Gear Applications – Oct. 4-6, Alexandria, VA
Detailed Gear Design – Nov. 14-16, Dallas, TX
Gear Failure Analysis – Dec. 6-8, San Francisco, CA
The World Bank on Sunday maintained its forecast that global growth will improve to 2.7 percent this year, citing a pickup in manufacturing and trade, improved market confidence and a recovery in commodity prices. 
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Associated Press via PBS
President Donald Trump is launching a major push for a $1 trillion overhaul of the nation’s roads and bridges, a key item on his agenda that’s been stymied in Congress and overshadowed by White House controversies.
National Association of Manufacturers
The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed disappointing job growth, with the U.S. economy adding just 138,000 net new workers in May, below the consensus estimate of 185,000 and even further from the 253,000 estimate provided by ADP. In addition, there were downward revisions to the March and April data, subtracting a total of 66,000 jobs from those months. Meanwhile, manufacturers were hoping to have a sixth straight month of job gains, much as we saw in the ADP data. Instead, manufacturing employment fell by 1,000 workers in May.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Manufacturing Global
The machine tools industry is the mainstay of modern manufacturing and contributes significantly to the sector’s growth. The latest global forecast for the machine tools market projects a 5.5 percent annual growth rate through to 2019, and a growth of 6 percent when looking solely at Western Europe. Part of what drives this growth is the sector’s developments in technology. It is expected that as new machine tools with enhanced processing capabilities emerge, they will in turn increase the relative value of new products. With this in mind, machine tools users are increasingly recognizing the need to upgrade in order to keep up with the latest technological developments and remain competitive in the growing market.
Manufacturing Global
With years of service often left in the motors, it’s difficult for plant managers to justify replacing motors that work effectively for the sake of an upgrade with any smart features. However, there are alternatives to a complete overhaul in order to connect motors to the IIoT. Instead of investing in new, more intelligent / smart equipment, plant managers should invest in sensors that provide similar functionality to connected devices. 
Metso has selected Rockwell Automation to deliver a global industrial Internet of Things (IoT) platform that connects, monitors and performs analytics for Metso's equipment and services, resulting in improved efficiency and profitability for its mining and aggregates customers. The digital solution will securely collect and store data from Metso's equipment around the globe, including new equipment as well as machines already in operation. The solution will provide predictive analytics, preventive maintenance and facilitate remote asset monitoring by Metso and its customers.
Design News
Can advanced manufacturing deliver a clear ROI? This may be an especially thorny question when it comes to retrofitting a plant with aging assets. According to TBM Consulting, a firm that helps manufacturers balance their technology and workforce, the biggest mistake manufacturing industry managers make is relying solely on smart automation tools as the solution to downtime and lost revenue. While manufacturers are pressing ahead with data analytics systems, TBM analysts see a skills gap that can hamper the effectiveness of smart manufacturing tools.
Forest City Gear Company
Automation World
Whether you’ve embraced digital manufacturing or are wondering where to start, there are things you can do right now to move closer to the future. Manufacturing execution systems (MESs), Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) gateways, Industry 4.0, factory information systems (FISs) and manufacturing analytics might sound daunting, but that world is becoming simpler and more affordable all the time.
On Thursday, professional services firm Deloitte teamed up with the Council on Competitiveness to release its 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index, showing that the United States is the second most competitive manufacturing economy after China. What's more, global manufacturing executives predict that by 2020, the United States will be the most competitive manufacturing economy in the world.
CIO Insight
A clear majority of organizations have a growing or high interest in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), according to a recent survey from the Business Performance Innovation (BPI) Network. The resulting report, "The Impact of Connectedness on Competitiveness," indicates that these manufacturing-based companies are seeking more efficient operations from their IIoT investment, as well as better product and services differentiation, and improved customer engagement. But there are lingering obstacles to full-scale, successful deployments, including existing skills gaps and a lack of adequate data integration capabilities.
The world’s top steelmaker may have a shortage of steel. China has a lack of rebar, according to iron ore miner Fortescue Metals Group Ltd., which says a shortfall of the key product helps to explain a divergence between the price of the commodity it digs up with the alloy it’s made into.


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