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Tesla’s making a bet on its production process for the Model 3 that defies accepted industry know-how — which is not at all an unusual strategy for the young carmaker. Basically all of Tesla’s success thus far has been due to its ability to defy accepted wisdom widely adopted by the industry, but with the Model 3 production line, the risk centers around skipping a step in the manufacturing process of a new vehicle that could lead to greater expense down the road.
Caterpillar Press Release
Caterpillar Inc. has announced that its new global headquarters will be located in Deerfield, Illinois, a northern Chicago suburb. The new headquarters building is minutes away from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, is centrally located near major interstates and offers direct access to the Chicago Metra.
This is the only time in 2017 that this course is available. This AGMA course allows students to explore the supporting elements of a gearbox that allows gears and bearings to do their jobs most efficiently. Learn about seals, lubrication, lubricants, housings, breathers and other details that go into designing gearbox systems.
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
Composites Manufacturing
Last week, the Manufacturing Institute, Deloitte and APICS released a study, "Women in manufacturing: Stepping up to make an impact that matters." The study is the result of more than 600 survey responses from women professionals in the manufacturing industry, along with nearly 20 manufacturing executive interviews. The insights point to how companies can effectively recruit, retain and advance talented women in manufacturing, and illustrates ways that women in manufacturing are making an impact in the industry through programs like STEP (Science, Technology, Engineering and Production) Ahead.
Seeking Alpha
Japan's manufacturing sector enjoyed one of the strongest improvements in business conditions seen over the past three years in April. The Nikkei Flash Japan Manufacturing PMI rose from 52.4 in March to 52.8 in April, its second-highest reading since March 2014.
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General Electric is beefing up its additive manufacturing business with an investment of more than 100 million euros ($109 million) in Germany, and continues to be alert for acquisition opportunities, the company's head of the business said. The maker of jet engines, power plants and other industrial equipment, General Electric last year bought a majority in Swedish 3D printer maker Arcam and privately held German 3D printing firm Concept Laser at a total cost of about $1.3 billion.
Yahoo! Finance
After more than two years in development, Tulip is coming out of stealth mode this week by unveiling manufacturing's first IoT-enabled App Engine at the world's largest industrial trade show, Hannover Messe 2017 in Germany. Tulip, a spinout from MIT, brings the power of Industrial IoT and advanced analytics to the front-line engineer through its shop-floor apps. This revolutionary self-service technology fills the gap between rigid back-end manufacturing IT systems and the dynamic operations taking place on the shop floor.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
In December, five massive wind turbines began harnessing breezes whipping off the coast of Rhode Island. Each as tall as the Statue of Liberty, the turbines use 600-foot-long blades made by the Danish company LM Wind Power attached to a 6-megawatt Haliade generator made by GE Renewable Energy in France. Two months before they came online, GE said it would acquire LM Wind Power for $1.65 billion. The deal was just completed.
Global Manufacturing
The manufacturing industry has a considerable employment hole to fill due to a looming skills gap. This is a daily fact we are coping with and are well aware of. One of the best ways to combat this issue is by putting more emphasis on what a great industry it is for young people to enter. Since the younger generation loves lists, here is a top three list of reasons to give millennials on why manufacturing is a great career choice.
Manufacturing Business Technology
Historically, Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems were not included in the scope of the charter for Information Technology (IT). Process engineering or the plant maintenance organization were normally tasked with the responsibility for the SCADA/HMI systems. In the many cases, a lone electrician was responsible for the entire system, including the workstation, the ICN and the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). In this era of SCADA/HMI the ICN was rarely interconnected with the IT enterprise network or the Internet. Remote access was typically done using phone modems connected directly to the SCADA host workstation.
Metal Powder Products, Inc.
Specialty Ring Products
The AGMA Strategic Resources Network Event next month, May 16-18 in Tulsa, OK, will provide high level presentations on the latest data on the energy sector, steel sector, and will have a special panel on workforce development. Additionally, registrants will have a special presentation on 3D printed metals as they pertain directly to the gear industry. This is an important event and seats are limited.
Harvard Business Review
Industrial accidents can be devastating to the people and communities involved. In addition to the immediate loss of life, such accidents can leave a lasting mark. For example, residents and victims of the 1984 Bhopal gas leak incident in India still live with the environmental damage created by Union Carbide, and protest yearly to publicize their continuing efforts to obtain financial compensation for damages as well as justice for the remaining perpetrators. Scientists are still trying to determine the long-term effects of the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
If you took a spin down to the New York International Auto Show last week and saw the $37,500 Chevy Bolt (electric) parked next to the strikingly similar $17,000 Chevy Cruze (gasoline), you might wonder if it was worth the price difference. Edmunds, the car-research company, recently weighed in with a hard no of its own, warning that the elimination of a $7,500 U.S. tax credit is "likely to kill [the] U.S. EV market." Edmunds pinned its argument on what happened in Georgia, a state that became an unlikely leader in electric cars thanks to an extra $5,000 incentive. At one point, almost four percent of new cars being sold in Georgia were electric. 
Global Manufacturing
The bottom line is a primary concern for many manufacturers. Not without reason; many associate the fourth industrial revolution with further expenditure — installment of new sensors to collect data, investment in data storage or perhaps in 3D printing equipment — rather than cost savings. Fortunately, the reality doesn’t always need not be this expensive. In fact, manufacturers are the ones most capable of achieving tangible value in a matter of months, with no capital investment, just simply by using machine learning for optimization.
The price of coking coal plunged again on Friday with the industry benchmark price tracked by the Steel Index dropping 9 percent, or $26.10 to $263.40 a tonne, as supply disruption following tropical storms in Australia begin to ease.
Yahoo! Finance
Technavio has announced the top five vendors in their recent global 5-axis CNC machining centers market report. This research report also lists six other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.
Forest City Gear Company
Vestas is planning to install prototypes of the new V116-2.0MW and V120-2.0MW in late 2017 and early 2018 respectively, with the first deliveries following later in 2018. Vestas' current 2MW flagship, the V110-2.0MW has a competitive specific power rating of 210W/m2, but that has been comfortably surpassed by the new V116 and V120 models, according to 2MW product manager Mads Hovmøller Mortensen.
The "Project Portal" venture assigned to Toyota Motor Corp.’s North American research team was so hush-hush that even suppliers on the project were kept in the dark. Since September, a tiny cadre of specialists has toiled at a secret technical center in southeast Michigan and then at Toyota’s test track in the desert outside Phoenix to build and refine technology that could transform more than 100 years of trucking technology used to move goods globally.
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