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Contract manufacturers, aka job shops, are the heart and soul of U.S. manufacturing. Their survival and success are imperative. Ensuring this hinges on a willingness to embrace productivity-enhancing technologies that will foster growth and differentiate them from the competition.
National Public Radio
(Audio) At a meeting with President Trump last week, manufacturing CEOs talked about the challenge of finding workers qualified to do the high-tech jobs that are available. NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Mark Muro, senior fellow with the Brookings Institution's Metropolitan Policy Program, about what's wrong with existing training programs for manufacturing jobs.
This course focuses the supporting elements of a gearbox that allow gears and bearings to do their jobs most efficiently. Learn about seals, lubrication, lubricants, housings, breathers and other details that go into designing gearbox systems. 
Star SU LLC.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
(Video) Sitting on the western edge of NASA’s Ames Research Center, the 80-by-120 wind tunnel blows through superlatives. It is its own biggest fan. It’s always in heavy rotation. This isn’t just spin! Its six turbines—40 feet wide, each powered by a 22,500-horsepower motor—can hit 180 rotations per minute, generating 110 mph winds in the tunnel and moving 60 tons of air every second.
Lockheed Martin plans to relocate its Fleet Ballistic Missile program in a move the company says will cut costs for its customers. The move will take place over the course of eight years. Approximately 650 positions from Lockheed Martin’s Space Systems facility in Sunnyvale, Calif., will relocate to other company facilities in Florida and Colorado.
SCOT FORGE - ATTN: Maggie Dort
French car manufacturer Peugeot has bought India's most iconic car brand from its maker Hindustan Motors in a deal that signifies the passing of an era in India's motoring history.
The world of distribution has changed significantly over the last decade. With today’s volatile markets, increasing technological advancements and fierce competition for customers, companies are facing the need to adapt or risk falling behind. With e-commerce giants like Amazon and eBay revolutionizing the B2C shopping experience, customers in the B2B space are coming to expect the same rapid order fulfillment, flexibility and competitive pricing. As a result, distributors and manufacturers across North America are looking for new ways to drive operational efficiency, identifying bottlenecks and optimizing processes to deliver greater value to their customers. 
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Harvard Business Review
Meeting customers’ expectations for personalization and customization requires flexibility. And such flexibility can provide a distinct competitive advantage — as long as costs aren’t spiraling out of control. A study of nearly 250 manufacturers over a 10-year period (2005–2015), found that 78 percent of firms had improved their ability to fill their total actual market demand but had lost control over costs. Apparently, chasing the often elusive customer came at a cost that many boards and shareholders had somehow overlooked (or had discreetly discounted).
Associated Press
Empire State Development says 43 businesses are expanding or coming to New York state to partner with colleges and universities. The businesses have committed to creating more than 640 new jobs and investing more than $15 million statewide.
Manufacturing is having a moment, and the National Association of Manufacturers wants to spread the word and, of course, build even more momentum. NAM president and CEO Jay Timmons toured Detroit on Friday, the third stop during a whirlwind six-city, eight-day tour that stretches from Austin, Texas, to New York. His itinerary included an hour in Dearborn at the Ford Virtual Manufacturing Lab and a couple hours with students from Macomb Community College.
Metal Powder Products, Inc.
Specialty Ring Products
Gleason press release
Gleason Corporation has announced that it has acquired KISSsoft AG, located in Bubikon, Switzerland. KISSsoft is a leader in the development of design software for gears and power transmission systems, serving customers globally across a wide spectrum of industries.
San Antonio Express-News
Texas manufacturers in February continued to see growing production and have positive outlooks in a new survey, but market basics appear to be reining in some of the industry’s post-election optimism. The Texas Manufacturing Outlook Survey conducted by the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas — which surveyed 115 Texas manufacturers — showed continued increases in manufacturing activity. The production index — which measures the amount of goods companies produce — increased by 4.8 points in February to 16.7. The percent of manufacturers reporting increases in production remained steady while the percent reporting decreases dropped by 4.5 percentage points.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
The Huffington Post
Long ago when I was President of the National Association of Manufacturers, we got word that the Bureau of Labor Statistics had redefined manufacturing employment to exclude the clerks, accountants, sales staff and others who worked for manufacturing companies but were not actively engaged in making things. Overnight, the data showed an abrupt decline of about 1.5 million manufacturing jobs.
Gain a solid and fundamental understanding of gear geometry, types and arrangements, and design principles. Starting with the basic definitions of gears, conjugate motion and the Laws of Gearing, learn the tools needed to understand the inter-relation and coordinated motion operating within gear pairs and multi‐gear trains. Basic gear system design process and gear measurement and inspection techniques will also be explained. In addition, the fundamentals of understanding the step‐wise process of working through the iterative design process required to generate a gear pair will be reviewed. Learn the steps and issues involved in design refinement and some manufacturing considerations. An explanation of basic gear measurement techniques, how measurement equipment and test machines implement these techniques, and how to interpret the results from these basic measurements will also be covered.
A new report by SNL Metals and Mining on Corporate Exploration Strategies in 2016 shows an industry still caught in a deep downturn after four years of sharp declines.
Network World
Network World increasingly has been writing about companies transforming their businesses via the Internet of Things rather than just tracking the latest IoT vendor announcements. But after taking a spin through our ongoing and interactive startup funding timeline, we figured it was a good time to round up some of the latest startups to rein in venture capital for their IoT-related businesses. 
Forest City Gear Company
No blue chip company has embraced the Internet of Things more aggressively than industrial giant GE. The company’s software-endowed wind turbines, medical imaging systems, lighting fixtures, appliances, jet engines, locomotives and other internet-connected "things" now generate reams of data, which GE and its customers analyze to improve system uptime, cut costs and deliver a variety of other business outcomes.
Fast Company
This year marks the 10th edition of the Fast Company World's Most Innovative Companies ranking. Our reporting team sifts through thousands of enterprises each year, searching for those that tap both heartstrings and purse strings and use the engine of commerce to make a difference in the world. Impact is among our key criteria.
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