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Manufacturers have long embraced the concept of continuous improvement and innovation. In that spirit, what better way to kick off 2017 than with resolutions about new ways to improve? Here are five suggestions for manufacturers working to reach the next level in quality, throughput and overall excellence in 2017.
The final metrics I'll address in this series are for productivity. This is a slippery slope. Frankly, I can count on one hand the plants I've seen with an effective measure over the last 10 years. Most are not robust enough to represent reality, if they exist at all.
Additive manufacturing techniques are finding their way into nearly every area of production, having started in the 1980s by presenting a rapid prototyping solution. Here we are now in 2017 and 3D technology has spread to every aspect of production, with 3D design (possibly aided by 3D scanning) leading to 3D printed prototyping and an increasing amount of end-use production parts. And that’s great — but it’s not the whole story.
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Gain a better understanding of various types of gears and bearings. Learn about the limitation and capabilities of rolling element bearings and the gears that they support.  Grasp an understanding of how to properly apply the best gear-bearing combination to any gearbox from simple to complex.
Manufacturing Business Technology
(VIDEO) The addition of tiny particles to conventional metals could lead to significantly more efficient metal fabrication, according to a new study from engineers at UCLA. Researchers added nano-scale particles of aluminum oxide and silicon carbide to nickel, which reduced heat dissipation during the melting process.
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McKinsey & Company
Automation is happening, and it will bring substantial benefits to businesses and economies worldwide, but it won’t arrive overnight. A new McKinsey Global Institute report finds realizing automation’s full potential requires people and technology to work hand-in-hand.
White House Press Release
President Trump has announced that as part of his overall job creation agenda he will launch a Manufacturing Jobs Initiative.
3D Printing Industry
At 3D Printing Industry we speak to many people in the 3D printing business and community on a regular basis. We asked 3D printing experts about what they think will happen in additive manufacturing this year. Here are the responses from 3D printer manufacturers, 3D printing service bureaus, 3D printing material companies and more.
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Robotics & Automation News
The compact Brabo 2kg payload range of industrial articulated robot was recently unveiled at the Imtex 2017. The company says the launch of Brabo heralds a phenomena it calls "robolution,’ adding that industrial robotics will take a quantum leap with the TAL Brabo expanding its robot line-up to cater to original equipment manufacturers, as well as medium and small enterprises.
Robotics & Automation News
The Industrial Internet of Things will "catalyze new business models, adoption of industrial robotics, and return on investment," says Frost & Sullivan’s industrial automation and process control team. Driven by the IIoT, the global market for robotics in manufacturing is steadily gathering pace, according to the study. 
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Union officials for General Motors Canada say the company is cutting up to 600 jobs at its assembly plant near London, Ontario, and moving those jobs to Mexico, where the union says labor is cheaper. Unifor Local 88 spokesman Mike Van Boekel said Friday that the layoffs will take effect in July at the CAMI Assembly plant in Ingersoll, which currently employs 2,800 Unifor workers.
Manufacturing Business Technology
U.S. businesses ramped up their investment in industrial machinery, semiconductors and other big-ticket items last month, boosting demand for factory goods. A measure that tracks business spending plans climbed 0.8 percent in December, after jumping 1.5 percent the previous month, the Commerce Department said Friday.
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Manufacturing Business Technology
Many manufacturers are viewing the emerging Industrial "Internet of Things" (IIoT) as a way to provide their businesses with a new and powerful competitive advantage. They recognize the potential in harnessing and analyzing data from across the plant to drive greater efficiency and create the foundation for new business models. But how can manufacturers navigate from the automation infrastructures of today to the intelligent IIoT enterprises they envision?
Bloomberg Business
U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis has ordered reviews of Lockheed Martin Corp’s F-35 Joint Strike Fighter and plans for Boeing Co. to build new Air Force One presidential aircraft, two high-profile contracting programs that President Donald Trump has singled out for criticism.
Daily Herald
A local manufacturing executive has offered possible solutions to help save Illinois from losing more companies and workers to other states. Greg Baise, president and CEO of Oak Brook-based Illinois Manufacturers’ Association, told members of the Choose DuPage Economic Development Alliance during a meeting at College of DuPage that if the state doesn’t get its fiscal house in order, more losses could follow. 
New York Times
When the German engineering company Siemens Energy opened a gas turbine production plant in Charlotte, N.C., some 10,000 people showed up at a job fair for 800 positions. But fewer than 15 percent of the applicants were able to pass a reading, writing and math screening test geared toward a ninth-grade education.
For many companies, the 2008-09 recession was a time to scale back. But for Michael Araten, CEO and president of the toy company K’Nex Industries, it was a time to rethink and regroup. K’Nex, which makes Tinkertoys and Lincoln Logs as well as its eponymous brightly colored building sets, followed the trend of offshoring in the late 1990s, and by the early 2000s had outsourced most of its toymaking to China.
According to a recent report from job posting aggregation site, roughly a third of all cybersecurity postings nationwide went without a single application, suggesting a potential gap between the number of jobs in the high-demand field, and the number of interested or qualified applicants seeking the positions. 
Indianapolis Business Journal
As shutdown looms for Rexnord Corp.’s west-side Indianapolis plant this spring, the union representing those workers plans to stage a rally next week to publicize their plight. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Labor has certified that Rexnord workers qualify for Trade Adjustment Assistance, a program providing financial support and services to U.S. workers whose jobs move to a foreign country. 
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