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McInnes Rolled Rings
The shop floor is rapidly changing as it evolves from a place bound by hands-on labor and interpersonal communication skills to an environment of smart machines that collect and analyze data, captured in real-time, to provide valuable insights into the manufacturing process. Meanwhile, the skills gap widens as advanced manufacturing firms struggle to find and train workers with the skills they need to keep pace with the technological-industrial revolution.
Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co. has come up with a new type of gasoline engine it says may make some of today’s advanced diesel engines obsolete.
Detroit Free Press
Detroit used to be rich in tool-and-die shops, the small family-run firms that created specialized tools and gadgets to cut and shape metal in the automotive and other industries. Many of the hundreds of such small tool shops have gone out of business, but their modern equivalent is 3D printing, an industry that could thrive in Detroit. The area’s entry into the industry is a company called EnvisionTEC, based in Dearborn. Founded by Lebanese immigrant Al Siblani, the firm makes printers ranging in price from $10,000 to $1 million.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
American Stress Technologies
October 2-4  |  Pittsburgh, PA
The 2016 Fall Technical Meeting (FTM) will feature the latest research in the field through juried presentations. Join us to learn the latest methods and cutting edge technologies in gearing today.
This animated map shows how radically a high-speed train system would improve travel in the U.S.
Business Insider
Adidas announced on Wednesday that it will be opening a factory in Atlanta in 2017 where shoes will be produced entirely by robots, according to Engadget.
For years, employers, pundits and policymakers alike have bemoaned the lack of qualified workers available to fill vacant manufacturing jobs in the U.S. Despite the prominence of the skills-gap debate, a new paper co-written by a University of Illinois expert in labor economics and workforce policy finds that the demand for higher-level skills in U.S. manufacturing jobs is generally modest.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
The effect of the Internet on global civilization is only just beginning to take shape. Whereas social media is having a huge social impact by enabling people worldwide to share ideas and cat memes, cloud computing is changing the way that businesses do business.
As more factories and equipment are instrumented with the IoT, data volume will only grow larger. Conventional computing will struggle to scale with the large influx of data and the complexity of the analytics.
Specialty Ring Products
ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies Co., Inc.
Washington Post
China’s auto sales growth accelerated in July, an industry group said Friday, while General Motors Co. and Ford Motor Co. reported record demand for the month.
Accuride President and CEO Richard Dauch Dauch, who’s lead or helped lead three supplier restructurings, was part of a speakers' panel on the topic at the Center for Automotive Research's Management Briefing Seminars in early August. The other speakers, an analyst for a private equity firm and a financial advisor, talked about what the future held for mergers and acquisitions in the automotive supply chain. 
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
Press Release
America Makes, the National Additive Manufacturing Innovation Institute, and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) announce the second face-to-face meeting of the America Makes & ANSI Additive Manufacturing Standardization Collaborative(AMSC) to be held Monday, September 26, 2016, in Youngstown, Ohio. The purpose of the meeting will be to review and discuss a first draft of the AMSC Standardization Roadmap for Additive Manufacturing now in development within the AMSC and targeted for release no later than one week prior to the meeting.
Indiana leapt to the top of the 2016 Aerospace Manufacturing Attractiveness Rankings, earning the state a reputation as one of the top aerospace producers in the U.S.
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology
Boston Globe
To some, they’re engineering marvels, the ultimate solution to precarious energy prices and dangerous levels of carbon emissions. To others, they’re expensive, blinking monstrosities that mar the pristine horizon and will prove a boondoggle for electricity customers. Yet over the past two weeks, the five massive wind turbines rising from the sea just off the southeastern bluffs of this small island — well within view of the pricey, cedar-shingled homes onshore — have claimed a landmark distinction: This fall, they are set to become the nation’s first offshore wind farm.
November 15-17  |  Las Vegas, NV
This course explores all factors that go into good gear design from life cycle, load, torque, tooth optimization, and evaluating consequences. 
Times Union
New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand's bill, which she said she hopes to include in end-of-year legislation packages, would continue an existing program that allows designated pockets of the country with manufacturing strength to have preferred consideration when applying for federal economic development funding.
Materials Handling & Logistics
Over the next three years, a growing number of successful manufacturers will enhance their manufacturing processes with smart operations, a broader supply chain strategy that extends beyond the factory walls, according a UPS report, "The Rise of Smart Operations: Reaching New Levels of Operational Excellence."
Metso Minerals
The entry of nanotechnology into manufacturing has been compared to the advent of earlier technologies that have profoundly affected modern societies, such as plastics, semiconductors, and even electricity.
Gold has enjoyed its best first half of the year performance since 1908 and silver's 48% surge is a big swing even for such a volatile metal, but the 2016 rally in industrial metals has been just as remarkable. Base metals are showing across the board gains year-to-date. Bellwether copper has been unable to break $5,000 decisively but is still ahead year-to-date while the likes of zinc (+41% at $2,280), tin (+27% at $18,440) and nickel (+24% at $10,770) have been stellar performers. Iron ore (+41% to $60) and coking coal (+34% ) have also come back strongly despite all predictions.
Star SU LLC.
Bourn & Koch Inc.


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