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During the State of the Union address earlier this year, President Obama said America should be "offering every student the hands-on computer science and math classes that make them job-ready on day one." The president has likely heard what many manufacturing companies say: We need students prepared with the certifications and skills to be productive upon graduation.
While a reading above 50 represents expansion, softer rates of output, new business and employment growth all weighed on the index. Manufacturing output fell for the third time in the past four months.
Gleason Corporation
Kapp Technologies
American Stress Technologies
The euro has started the trading week with losses, as the pair trades at the 1.1060 in the European session. On the release front, German and Eurozone Manufacturing PMIs missed their estimates. In the U.S., there is only one event on the schedule, Manufacturing PMI. On Tuesday, there are two key releases – German Ifo Business Climate and U.S. CB Consumer Confidence.
Students learn the fundamentals of gear manufacturing in this classroom and hands-on course. In the classroom, this course offers training in gearing and nomenclature, principles of inspection, gear manufacturing methods, and hobbing and shaping. In the hands-on gear lab, using manual machines, students can see the interaction between the cutting tool and the workpiece. They understand the process and the physics of making a gear and can apply this knowledge in working with CNC equipment commonly in use.
Automation World
After two years of hype and the promise of gazillions of dollars in realized benefits, is this the year in which we’re going to see real automation applications? Will terms such as "Big Data" and "cloud analytics" finally make it into our mainstream vocabularies?
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Engineers and professionals who work in industrial automation are hearing a lot of buzz about the convergence of information technology and operational technology in the Industrial Internet of Things. In the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution, we shall see not only plant-wide network connectivity enabled by large-scale and low-cost wireless sensor networks but fully connected manufacturing-to-enterprise architectures for real-time monitoring and automated decision-making. If you are a machine controls engineer or perform a plant supervisory role, chances are the corporate IT group or even the chief information officer has come knocking on your door.
The Indian Express
U.S. fighter jet maker Lockheed Martin today said it is ready to manufacture F-16 aircraft in India and supports the ongoing talks between the two countries to set up the first manufacturing facility, one of the largest projects under the ‘Make in India’ initiative.
Sandvik Cormant Co.
Specialty Ring Products
ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies Co., Inc.
Tulsa World
The Oklahoma manufacturing sector is experiencing rapid advancement leading to even stronger productivity and output. Much like the transformation during the Industrial Revolution, the current wave of innovation is the fastest in history driven by the convergence of technologies. The industrialization of these technologies is reinventing not only what we make, but how we make it.
Windpower Monthly
According to the Russian wind energy association (RAWI), the country's largest power companies have started to purchase licenses for turbine manufacture, preparing for the production of components in accordance with the recently approved state "plan of localization of production of wind power in the Russian Federation for 2016-2019".
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
IndustryWeek’s interview with the president and CEO of Bosch Rexroth Americas.
TcT magazine
Sciaky, Inc., a subsidiary of Phillips Service Industries, Inc. (PSI) and leading provider of scalable metal additive manufacturing solutions, has announced the introduction of a patented closed-loop control, IRISS, for its Electron Beam Additive Manufacturing (EBAM) systems. 
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology
Rave Gears, LLC
Automation World
Will machines take the place of people in factories? This is one of the questions most frequently asked about Smart Manufacturing. Why? Because for many years the prevalent belief has been that business competitiveness is primarily achieved by reducing the cost of labor. And robots have long been viewed as the solution to the problem of labor costs.
The instruction manual for a typical CNC mill – the modern equivalent of a lathe that chisels parts from hunks of metal – is 200 pages long. The machine requires one to two years of training to operate, and those qualified to run it earn wages comparable to teachers or many others with bachelor’s degrees. Manufacturing has changed. The shop floors of most American industrial facilities would be unrecognizable to someone working in them only a generation ago. So have many of their jobs, pushing companies to retool their relationships with employees as they compete for a shrinking pool of skilled workers.
Metso Minerals
Two measures commonly used by the government to measure manufacturing’s overall impact on society are badly underestimating the impact of that critical sector. One is the proportion of gross domestic product for which manufacturing accounts. The other is the "multiplier effect," which measures the impact on other industries from an increase in economic activity by a specific industry.
The Desert Sun
A recent column indicating U.S. manufacturing percentage (13%) at its lowest level of gross domestic product in decades received several responses asking as to what can be done to reverse this downturn.
Specialty Steel Treating, Inc.
Customer Think
I recently received two emails from two different manufacturers. They both inquired about using manufacturing content marketing to help their sales efforts. Both these companies had used telemarketing and other conventional marketing tactics with very little success in generating sales qualified leads.
The Telegraph
Thousands of British manufacturers risk slipping into stagnation unless the Government and industry does more to help them adapt to the "fourth industrial revolution," a new report warns.
Area Development
The NIST Director of Advanced Manufacturing describes what’s being done to maintain U.S. leadership in this arena.
Star SU LLC.
Bourn & Koch Inc.
Naylor Association Solutions


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