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McInnes Rolled Rings - Canadian manufacturing sales fell unexpectedly in September, underlining concerns over the country's economic outlook, official data showed on Monday.

In a report, Statistics Canada said that manufacturing sales decreased by a seasonally adjusted 1.5%, disappointing expectations for a 0.1% increase.
U.S. News & World Report
Factory activity in New York state contracted for the fourth straight month in November, as a strong dollar and slow overseas growth continued to drag down manufacturers.

The New York Federal Reserve's Empire State manufacturing index, released Monday, edged up slightly to minus 10.7, from minus 11.4 in October. Still, any figure below zero indicates contraction.
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Discover how both the gear design engineer and the gear metallurgist can better grasp their related, critical roles in the exciting world of gear processing, heat treatment, and inspection.
The Independent
Manufacturers are set to unveil more gloom as their champions warn the Chancellor that the UK could be left in the industrial slow lane by cuts in support for innovation and exports.
In this episode, why Gogoro’s scooters invite comparisons to Elon Musk’s Tesla. This is your Manufacturing Minute.
Taiwan-based Gogoro’s smart scooter has all the trappings of a luxury vehicle. The scooters are sleek and stylish, feature customizable settings from dash colors to overall performance via your smartphone and it’s entirely electric.
With revenues of $50 billion a year and operations at the ends of the earth, few companies are in a better position to take the pulse of the global economy and the resource sector in particular than Caterpillar.
Last week, the Space Act of 2015 passed in the Senate with unanimous approval to the delight of many in the scientific community. Although this bill would — most notably— legalize mining asteroids for minerals, the act is also meant to encourage the growth of the private space industry in general.
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If you’re an armchair student of business history, you enjoy finding strong parallels between different industries at different times. I continually compare the current transformation in enterprise IT with what happened in manufacturing in the last few decades of the 20th century.
Times Union
General Electric Co. said Friday it would halt production of Durathon batteries in Schenectady. Media outlets reported Friday that the company would cut 34 positions and allow 45 employees to transfer to steam turbine operations, which are also in Schenectady. A spokesman was not immediately available Saturday to confirm these figures.
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What happens in manufacturing is often seen as a leading indicator of U.S. recessions. It's an alarming sign when it starts to look queasy. On Monday, the ISM Manufacturing Index -- the official thermometer of the U.S. manufacturing sector since 1915 -- declined for a fourth straight month.
The U.S. manufacturing industry is poised to enter a new era of strength despite hurdles that include a lack of skilled workers and tangled trade and tax policies, according to panelists at a conference convened by Indiana University.
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Monday brings a wave of revised survey numbers for manufacturing profiles in October on both sides of the Atlantic. There’s also several first-look updates for last month to consider, including new data on purchasing managers’ indices (PMIs) for Spain and the UK, followed by the initial release of the US ISM Manufacturing Index for October.
Aerion, the supersonic-jet maker backed by Texas billionaire Robert Bass, plans to choose a manufacturing site during the first half of next year as it targets delivering the first faster-than-sound business aircraft in 2023.
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3D printing has really come a long way in so short a time. A wave that democratized the manufacturing industry has now found its way to automobiles. Although we have indeed seen several examples of the intersection of cars and 3D printing, like Audi Tooling' smost recent 2:1 scale of the Union Typ C race car. But that was just a small scale model. Kevin Czinger and his company, Divergent Microfactories, has 3D printed the chassis of a supercar, and one that actually drives as fast as the real thing.
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Power management: ABB has won an order worth some $40 million in the United States, from Public Service Electric & Gas (PSE&G), New Jersey’s largest utility, to supply Gas Insulated Switchgear (GIS) to two substations and help strengthen grid reliability. The order was booked in the third quarter of 2015.
The Illinois portion of a $2 billion wind power transmission line project has been approved by state regulators, but not by much....
Moventas, a wind gearbox manufacturer and service provider, recently announced a breakthrough suite of technologies that are designed to address gearbox failures in the GE 1.5 fleet. XL – Extra Life is the culmination of 35 years of gearbox expertise that Moventas has gained repairing GE 1.5 gearboxes in North America.
The Eaton Fuller Road Ranger was the most popular because it was the only designed driveline that would accommodate motors in excess of 400hp without sustaining damage. Now the gearboxes have improved so much that you can now do the same heavy haulage job with a 730hp Scania, which has an automatic gearbox!
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Imagine a device attached to your personal vehicle that could extend a gallon of fuel by two or three times its normal use (or more). What if that same imaginary device could also reduce wear inside your engine, and what if you could extend the life of the engine years beyond what you would normally expect? If those were true, the decision to use this hypothetical device to enhance the driving experience and lower operating costs would be an easy one to make.
First metal has been cut by Aerospace Transmission Technologies, the 50:50 Rolls-Royce/Liebherr-Aerospace joint venture set up to develop and manufacture the power gearbox for the UK partner’s planned UltraFan engine. The cooperative effort has begun to operate at the German company’s Friedrichshafen site.
Manufacturing and corporate profits are both in recession mode, even though the rest of the U.S. economy continues to limp along. The latest confirmation of troubles came Monday with the Empire State manufacturing index, a gauge of New York activity that clearly shows contraction in the sector.
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