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Take your Gear Expo experience to a whole new level. Available for iPad, iPhone, and android devices, the Gear Expo 2015 app offers a complete list of exhibitors with contact information, interactive exhibit floor plan, personalized scheduler, and more. Look for it in your app store.
Manufacturing Business Technology A new report estimates a majority of needed manufacturing jobs could go unfilled over the next decade without better cooperation by industry, government, and higher education.
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Kapp Technologies
The Buffalo News Manufacturers need to treat hiring the same way they treat their supply chain, by building relationships with the training centers and the schools that are providing many of their potential hires.
The Manufacturer UTC Aerospace Systems celebrated the delivery of the body and wing landing gear for the Airbus A380, anticipating the pending delivery of the 200th shipset of gear. BMW, Honda, and Yamaha will establish the Connected Motorcycle Consortium and cooperate on Intelligent Transportation Systems designed specifically for motorcycles.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Please join us for a free webinar about advanced materials for 3D printing and additive manufacturing in the aerospace industry. Our second webinar on 3D printing features Alissa Wild, Senior AM Research Engineer with Stratasys, and Kim Choate, Mass Transportation Marketing Director with SABIC’s Innovative Plastics. They will discuss advanced technical compounds developed for 3D-printing objects for aerospace applications.
Manufacturing Business Technology According to a University of Sydney researcher, the world’s most efficient ion engine has been built – beating out even NASA’s High Power Electric Propulsion engine, which holds the record for ion drive performance.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC
Wired The work of Reaction Engines, the Synergetic Air-Breathing Rocket Engine, or SABRE, is a new type of rocket engine that would allow a plane to reach orbit in around 15 minutes, release a payload, return to Earth, and land on an airstrip.
Defense News The US Air Force and the Army are moving full speed ahead toward next-generation engines the services hope will significantly increase fuel efficiency and power. And both endeavors pit two giants in the engine-building world against each other: GE Aviation and Pratt & Whitney.
Manufacturing Business Technology Volvo announced it would accept liability for problems with its autonomous driving system as it urged the US to adopt nationwide standards for self-driving cars.
Sandvik Cormant Co.
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ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies Co., Inc.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design 3D Systems is partnering with Pennsylvania State University to support operations in the Center for Innovative Materials Processing through Direct Digital Deposition.
3ders The facility, which will measure 125,000 square feet, will be principally used to train designers and engineers in additive manufacturing design and production techniques.
Erwin Junker Machinery, Inc.
Motor Authority The Cadillac ATS and CTS both see high-performance V-series models added for 2016, but buyers of the regular models also have some upgrades to look forward to. The big news is the addition of a new V-6 engine, along with the availability of an eight-speed automatic on most models that were previously offering a six-speeder.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Two F-35C Lightning II carrier variants conducted their first arrested landings aboard USS Dwight D. Eisenhower off the coast of the eastern United States. A group of local manufacturers have partnered to make it possible for students at Hastings Public Schools to get early exposure and experience with potential career opportunities.
Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology
Rave Gears, LLC
GERB Vibration Control Systems, Inc. Tesla Motors and other technology companies are coming to the town of Sparks, and along with them thousands of jobs.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Carnegie Mellon University has joined with The Boeing Company to establish the Boeing/Carnegie Mellon Aerospace Data Analytics Lab, a new academic research initiative that will leverage the university's leadership in machine learning, language technologies and data analytics.
Cincinnati Gearing Systems Inc.
The Wall Street Journal Read up-to-the minute news, analysis, interviews, and explanatory journalism on logistics, supply-chain management, e-commerce, and more.
Canadian Manufacturing Onshore wind and solar photovoltaics – the most widespread renewable technologies – have both become significantly cheaper this year, and, in some regions, are now actually cheaper than gas-fired and coal-fired generation.
Specialty Steel Treating, Inc.
Albany Business Review To meet growing demand, Hudson Valley plans to double the enrollment of its advanced manufacturing program to 288 by constructing a $12 million, two-story, 40,000-square-foot building that manufacturers say will churn out more skilled workers and serve as a model for the country.
3ders Siemens announced it will expand its two-decade partnership with Georgia Institute of Technology with the goal of driving advanced manufacturing innovation through software, research, digital product development, and preparing students to enter the STEM workforce of the future.
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