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Industry Week President Barack Obama made a stop at Macomb Community College in Warren, Mich., today, to announce $175 million in federal public-private partnership grants for apprenticeship training that meets local needs. A considerable chunk of that funding is tied to the advanced manufacturing sector, from $2.2 million for a community-college-run consortium updating the skills of Telsa Motors and Panasonic workers to $4 million to train mechatronics and industrial maintenance technicians and CNC Operators in Pennsylvania.
Industry Week Ford, General Motors, Toyota, and seven other international automakers got behind a federal effort to make automatic emergency braking a standard feature on all new vehicles.
The Fall Technical Meeting features 27 pages presented in five sessions: Materials and Heat Treatment; Manufacturing; Gear Application; Lubrication, Efficiency, Noise, and Vibration; and Gear Wear and Failure. Registration for this event is in conjunction with registration for Gear Expo 2016.
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PR Newswire A new advanced gear manufacturing facility from Dana opened in Rayong, Thailand to support the light-vehicle market in Thailand and the Asia-Pacific region. The state-of-the-art facility has created 100 new jobs and provides customers with access to Dana's global manufacturing resources and technical expertise at a local level, supporting increased customer demand for Spicer® gears in the region.
The Wall Street Journal One reason the Federal Reserve’s decision on interest rates is so tough is that, six years into the recovery, manufacturers are still struggling to raise prices.
AppleInsider With an internal goal to begin building its own car by 2020, Apple faces a number of roadblocks in automotive manufacturing, which could lead it to partner with another company in its vehicular venture.
The Telegraph Nearly 3,000 jobs will be opening in the manufacturing sector of Southwestern Illinois in the next five years, and businesses are worried they will be unable to fill them. Those openings will be caused by retirements and business expansions. To fill them, county workforce investment boards and their business partners launched a new campaign at Cope Plastics to link high school students to these jobs.
All Metals & Forge Group, LLC A new report from the MAPI Foundation expects most manufacturing sectors to see growth in the U.S. this year.
Manufacturing Business Technology Oil supply from the United States, Russia and other countries outside of OPEC is expected to drop sharply next year — possibly the steepest decline since the Soviet Union collapsed — because of low prices.
Manufacturing Business Technology No idea has the Internet dazzled quite as much as Elon Musk’s Hyperloop. The Hyperloop would place passenger pods inside a large vacuum tube system, then propel them at near-sonic speeds using magnets and fans — almost like an air hockey table inside a tube.
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ALD-Holcroft Vacuum Technologies Co., Inc. Google is adding a veteran automotive executive to run its program focused on developing self-driving cars. The technology giant says former Hyundai and Ford Motor Co. executive John Krafcik will become CEO of the project in late September.
Bloomberg Business Factory production declined in August by the most since January 2014 as automakers scaled back after a surge the month before and a stronger dollar weighed on demand from overseas customers.
Industry Week Airbus is taking its fight for a bigger market share to rival Boeing’s backyard on Monday as it inaugurates its first production plant in the United States. The $600 million facility in Mobile is due to eventually employ about 1,000 workers and help Airbus cut costs.
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Hartford Courant Airbus, which sells numerous planes to U.S. airlines, opened its first plant in the country.
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Clean Technica Siemens has had its sights on developing the next generation of wind turbines — a class of platforms rated to 10 MW and above. Siemens recently signed off on a new German factory that will produce its flagship 7 MW offshore turbine. The new manufacturing plant is slated to begin production in mid-2017 and will be tasked with assembling generators, hubs, and nacelle backends together into complete nacelles.
Aerospace Manufacturing and Design KUKA Systems Aerospace is providing Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. with assembly fixtures – wing boxes and other tooling – as well as mobile robot platforms to help assemble wings and other parts for the company's newest corporate jets.
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Industry Week Eco-friendly models and futuristic technology like automated driving look set to dazzle at the IAA auto show in Frankfurt on September 19-27. Hundreds of thousands of visitors are expected to crowd into the massive exhibition halls of Frankfurt’s sprawling trade fair to catch a glimpse of the latest models and high-tech innovations. The prices charged by U.S. manufacturers, farmers, and other producers were unchanged in August, the latest evidence that inflation is tame.
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Aerospace Manufacturing and Design Firefly Space Systems, the Texas-based developer of dedicated launch vehicles for the small satellite market, has successfully tested its first rocket engine, Firefly Rocket Engine Research 1 (FRE-R1).
Canadian Manufacturing Bombardier Business Aircraft has mounted the engines on its first flight test vehicle for the Global 7000 project and completed work on all major structural components. Meanwhile, the company has appointed a new vice-president, Michel Ouellette, to oversee the Global 7000 business jet program and ensure the new plane is successfully brought to market.
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